4 Issues to Deal with Pre-Marriage

Lately, marriages are ending in a divorce based on infidelity. Sometimes, financial disagreements and other irreconcilable differences spring up over months. It is thus important to understand the needs of your partner moving forward, before walking down the aisle. Some of the smallest things during courtship turn out to be magnanimous after the wedding day. 

Partners must learn each other’s weaknesses, whether vices or personality traits. These go a long way in breaking up relationships immediately couples get hitched. Find a lovely lady, or gent, on https://uadates.com/ today and engage them fully thereafter, before getting on one knee. Here are a few pointers for newly found soul mates to maintain a healthy marriage moving forward. 

Overarching Issues 

There are certain aspects of relationships that seem trivial during dating but can become disastrous to a marriage. One aspect is a partner’s history, which usually includes sexual escapades. These might include bisexuality, promiscuity, and such. If not investigated thoroughly, or if one simply dismisses them, they could lead to infidelity in the future. Other factors include:


Before diving into marriage, make sure you and yours agree on finances. It does not simply mean discussing who will be responsible for paying what. It means moving forward, there might be some expenditures more crucial than others. For instance, the man might be more focused on starting a family and buying a house. 

The lady on the other hand wants to go on shopping sprees she could never afford pre-marriage. Many marriages end in divorce when one partner wants a sports car, and clearly, there is a need for a minivan. Couples may not discuss this in-depth, but there will be signs before you propose (or are proposed to) that your partner has other ideas. 

Paternal or Maternal 

Which side of the family gets more attention, or in many cases, more financial support. Once married, couples have to help their loved ones with medical bills, and possibly upkeep. This can become contentious when the man feels he should take care of his parents and siblings first. 

It might become increasingly one-sided and contentious when one partner sees no need to help the family. They might decide to send finances to their parents only, and become aggravated when their spouse asks why. This is something that should have been covered before anyone said ‘I do’. 


Were you raised in a traditional setting, whereby women spend countless hours in the kitchen and nowhere else? You might be in shock to realize your new bride has never washed a dish since birth. It might shock you more that she expects you to help with chores, seeing as it is indeed the 21st century. 

Finding out you married a diva should not come as a surprise if one has done their homework. There is nothing wrong with the man helping with chores once in a while, or doing them entirely. What is important however is laying these ground rules pre-marriage. 


Most couples dream of having kids someday, and marriage seems to seal that deal. However, it is surprising that many couples find love; get married only to find out their partner had no intentions of having kids. It is okay not to want kids, but a shocker to anyone who had planned to begin making babies soonest. The amount of frustration that can build up after finding out kids aren’t on the agenda can be devastating. 

However, it can be sorted out before marriage, and before relationships go any further. If you plan to marry and have a family, the second date from https://uadates.com/ should let you know if someone is meant for you, or not. Discuss plans and inquire if a studio apartment, minivan, or fenced house is in order. The answers should provide adequate hints to stick around, or take flight. 


Find time to investigate your partner before walking down the aisle. It may seem like an invasion of privacy or lack of trust, but it is well worth it. It will ensure that you make love, not war, in the bedroom. 

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