7 Tips for Leh – Ladakh Self Drive

Ladakh Self Drive

Leh Ladakh’s self-drive is a dream drive for hundreds of explorers worldwide. In the month of may-September, many adventure lovers will be prepared for a drive on the roof of the world as soon as the Leh – Ladakh season is in full swing.

The roads are still fantastic and adventurous on Manali – Leh Highway or Srinagar – Leh Highway. They are lush green beauty.

Ladakh Self Drive

Leh Ladakh Self-Drive – Big Tips

Today in this article I’ll share seven helpful tips for your next self-drive trip to Leh Ladakh that you’d like more often to hold in mind before you plunge into the dream drive of your life on a self-driving tour of Leh Ladakh.

1. Faithfulness is your greatest enemy, so keep your self driving on Ladakh away!!

Don’t be sure you’re a driving master, you’ve done Rohtang Pass x many times, you’re a champion on the plains, and so on. Become one of the strangest and most adventurous driving you’ll never undertake in life, driving to Ladakh especially via Manali – Leh Highway!.

Don’t believe any excess stone would never reach the underground, never think the route ahead is just like an arrow-like runway.

You/ your vehicle will stand for hours to days on a journey to Ladakh by self-drive in the middle of nowhere.

Even the streets that look super good are the smoothest, the freshly paved tarmac, or they have abrupt bumps that can hurt badly your car.

You always have to step out to make your way instead of taking a risk and having your car underneath it harmed if you see a big rock lying between you on the road especially in sections with looser gravel.

Thus, make sure that you are in the center of the none-way or a risky pass when you make a journey by car to Leh Ladakh, you are not too trustworthy for being a driving expert at home.

2. Don’t rush any tough stretch on the way to Ladakh

Whenever you’re doubting about any rough part of the route, maybe landslide, or paths which are rough, or water crossings, etc, on any Leh Ladakh self-drive tour you never ever hurry through.

Instead, analyze the challenging part of the road carefully and assess the situation by parking your vehicle apart. Try to figure out how other vehicles cross this segment. And if possible, check/inspect the section of trouble on your foot to plan for a way out. Then go for it, actually.

You should hurry through the difficult parts of a Ladakh drive, as you never know what is under those sections. Sharp rocks can cut the tire occasionally, or even worse, punch the engine sump.

3. Well, you know your car or car

It is important to know about your car or vehicle as you may notice a few stretches or parts of the road on Ladakh drive that cannot be crossed on low soil clearance without hit or underbelly scratching.

In these circumstances, when you are going to Ladakh with a small car, you need to know which sections of the underside of your car might be required for particularly protective oil sumps (which you must shield around the trip).

4. Using no heaters

Heating should particularly be avoided at high altitudes such as Manali – Leh Highway and Ladakh at all cost, as warm air from heaters kills within levels of oxygen and causes very difficult breathing, and aggravates the AMS symptoms. Application is critical.

Therefore it is better not to use the heaters in the car and probably allow the airflow outside to circulate properly. To escape AMS or minimize the probability of being hit with AMS is an important factor in making the Leh Ladakh trip successful.

5. Don’t drive and drink

First of all, PLEASE doesn’t take booze or drink during driving in the Himalayas, especially on road from Delhi to Leh, via Manali, which stretches for the most part over 14000 feet.

You will have real difficulties with alcohol acclimatization in your belly by taking a drink, and inevitably you will build a lapse during your driving.

You already know the other risks of drunk driving, other than a civil offense, so I will not highlight this.

6. Support others still

During your journey through the strong Himalayas, you must always help others keep on walking, whether they are lifting, moving, pulling, fueling, spares, ropes, etc.,

As it is difficult to find assistance in places like the Manali Leh Highway, Nubra to Pangong Tso, or the Pangong Tso to Hanle or Changthang or other remote routes of Ladakh.

Do not forget, this can happen to you in the very next round, and it is not very nice if anyone goes by without offering any support on your dream Ladakh drive after hours.

7. Transportation and other spare pieces

One should always try to carry on a self-drive to Ladakh:

# Jack and Spanner Basic Toolkit

# Foot pump and air compressor

# Jack Hydraulic

# Tyre Spare (Check for puncture before leaving)

# Repair Kit Puncture

# Set of Screwdriver

# Flamingo

# Cables to Jump Start

# Replacement Bulbs

# Approximately Tow Away Cord. The capacity of 3-6 tonne

# 1-2 jerry bottles for spare gasoline/jerry bottles

# Tunnel

# Oil spare refresher and engine

# A Stick

# A hammer and a shovel

# 2-3 Fast-Fix/Fevi-Quick/Elfy Packages of M-Seal

# Lots of drinking water and dried fruits and snacks

# A plastic bottle for water refilling and environmental protection

You can read our guide on the link: How to prepare your car for a Ladakh or Himalayan journey for a greater list of spare parts and instruments to be transported with you during a Ladakh trip.

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