A Complete White Hat SEO Guide.


Find out what is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is the SEO practice that helps you enhance & elevate the rankings on the search engine result pages for relevant searches, by working within the legal terms of use as provided by the search engines like Google. 


Find out what is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is exactly, the opposite of White hat SEO and which induces high ranking of websites and web pages by breaking the rules and regulations of the legal terms of use provided by search engines.

Effect of White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is based on quality content or value addition to the human audience. It is an organic way of getting higher search engine rankings. 

This organic way is bound to the terms of use which enhances the quality and credit of website for search engines. It does enhance the user experience. 


Effect of Black Hat SEO? 

Black Hat SEO is completely disregarding and violates the googles guidelines for terms of use. It focuses only on website ranking and not on user experience. 

Black Hat SEO results in very poor user experience. It manipulates the search engine for obtaining a higher ranking on search engine result pages.    

What is included in the good White hat SEO?

Here are some examples of good White hat SEO practices –

–       Quality Content & Services 

The best practice for White Hat SEO is presenting quality content to the audience. 

Quality content and services will always drive the potential audience to your business doors. 

–       Mobile-friendly website 

Today more than 80% of traffic comes from mobile users. 

It is very important to make sure the website is mobile friendly. It will result in better user experience for your larger audience.

Make sure the images, layout, and designs are mobile-friendly too. 

–       Speedy site-loading 

It contributes to one of the most important, facts of user – experience. No one loves to entertain slow loading websites. 

Slow-loading websites result in quick dropouts of the audience. Make sure the site is optimized, for higher speed and fast loading.

–       Lavish the meta tags with keywords


Meta tags are crucial, in white hat SEO as it provides important information to the search engine about your web page. 

These should be descriptive and rich in relevant keywords. 

Every page must have individual meta tags, as it gives an indication of how to display it to the audience. 

–       Good quality backlinks 

SEO is a lot about the backlinks. Backlinks enhance the credibility of the website in the eyes of search engines. 

Quantity of backlinks does not matter for google any more. Quality backlinks are of primary interest to google for trusting you with high ranks. 

In White hat SEO, backlinks are gained through sincere testimonials, mutual consent among websites, and authorized guest blogs.

–       Intensive Keyword Research

The heart and soul of SEO are keywords and keyword research. 

It is necessary to find out keywords with the highest popularity or ranking. Based on keywords search engines rank that particular blog post or web page. 

There are several platforms available on google that assists you in keyword researching. 

After researching the most competitive keywords from your niche, the most delicate part is its use. 

Keywords need to be added in a particular amount or called keywords density. 

White Hat SEO practices the term of use by search engines and keyword density is one of Google’s guideline for blog post writing. 

–       White hat SEO does not stuff keywords 

Keywords are the basic and most primitive SEO practice in both Black and White hat SEO. 

The difference here is White hat SEO do not overstuff keywords. 

You need to know what density of keywords is relevant for better White hat SEO. 

2 to 3 keywords in every 100 words will do good for organic SEO or White hat SEO. 


–       Say No to automated content creation

Content creation is a crucial and delicate element of digital marketing & SEO. Make sure your content is managed and created by humans and not robots.  

There are several content creation tools available online make sure you avoid them. 

The content created by these tools is not user friendly most of the time.   

–       Linking blog posts internally 

It is also called, as the interlinking of web pages or blog posts. Interlinking also works well for SEO in an organic way. 

You can interlink the best working web page with the relevant another page to drive a larger audience.

Always remember, White hat SEO is more about the human readers and their experience as users.

You can take the example of Wikipedia for interlinking of pages. 

Wikipedia will always offer you interlinked pages, which are most relevant to the content.    

–       Add Value for Audience 

The content quality does not depend only on non-plagiarism and zero grammatical mistakes. Content quality that adds value for the audience depends more on the usefulness of the content. 

Make sure your content is knowledgeable. Informative, or entertaining, depending on your niche or type of post you are writing. 

The content must be engaging to make it easier for driving the audience to the website.

–       Make website navigation friendly

Website navigation is also very important as it will assist the audience in reaching you. 

Clear and streamline navigation will smoothen the user experience and increase web traffic. 

To make the navigation easier make sure the titles for navigation are clear and understandable.

Make sure the hyperlinks for all the navigational elements are working and fast loading.

Image optimization will also assist in friendly navigation.  

–       Is White Hat SEO a perfect choice?

The use of white hat SEO techniques is useful for the perfect organic google web page ranking. 

It might differ from niche to niche there are some specific niches where black hat SEO works well.

These are mostly the sites that stay far from user experience and works, only through higher rankings beneficially. 

Apart from those few niches, White Hat SEO is the better and must opt option. 

White hat SEO is legally very acceptable, and working in the boundaries of Google’s guidelines will surely please the search engine. 

White Hat SEO will help you stand out from the competition organically.   

White Hat SEO will bring you long lasting results contrary to which the black hat SEO results will be quick and pleasing but will not last long.

It is not easy to shield your website from the search engine actions on using Black hat SEO, so once you are caught it might affect the ranking ability of your website. 

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