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3: American Airlines 777-300 Flagship First Flight Review

American Airlines

American Airlines Buckeye State investigates you, Fancy Pants! – We’re aiming for Brazil! I dressed for the occasion baby! Carnival! (car door closes) (lively music) – I am in a sensible mood nowadays, if you cannot tell. I am aiming for Brazil. Let’s not get hit by an automotive. nowadays I am flying excellent on the three-cabin plane, which implies I buy Flagship arrival, that could be a secret very little arrival space that brings you to the front of even the bureau pre-check lane. however, what I am most excited regarding is to visualize the new flagship eating Lounge.

It’s just for individuals flying in excellent. and I am hungry as a result of I simply did, once again, Barry’sBootcamp before flying, as a result of it causes you to sleep sort of a baby. are you able to tell I am excited? I am thus excited! (lively music) We’re flying the Triple Seven three hundred. Yankee solely features a few of them. They fly the most effective of the most effective routes. Flown it a variety of times.

I’ve flown it to Brazil before. The Business and first-class expertise accustomed be roughly similar, but lately, they’ve really been invested within the first-class product with, like, Laurent Perrier champagne. within the Flagship Lounge in L.A. over the vacations that they had Krug, thus I am curious to check if they need it here nowadays. even if I am a Dom guy.

initial world issues. however, it is an absolutely regular flight, leaves at eleven o’clock. I will land around 9:00 a.m. so we have a tendency to are gonna go straight to buying Carnival. (lively music) – after all, I might like to attempt excellent dining! – nice, thank you. I’ll get you in. – It’s my initial time. I am thus excited. So, so as to urge invited to the excellent eating, it breaks free the primary category Lounge, and you wish a written invite, that I am obtaining immediately.

The golden price ticket to sensible eating. (elegant musical organization music) Smells new. (elegant musical organization music) should not eat buffet. should save associate appetence for eating. It’s hard, I am hungry! Patacon. you only cannot say no to a decent patron. There goes saving my appetence. (elegant music) Columbia flashback. (people laughing) (knife clinking) And currently for the TPG– (metallic crashing) TPG shower.

Best flying field lounge edition. this is often our initial one. investigate this, this is often Brobdingnagian. Oh wow! A+, flying colors. We’re during a lounge, this is often thus spacious. I hate, some flying field lounges, you’ve got to love, omit your luggage. this is often very, very nice. Definitely, TPG approved. (elegant music) thus I am gonna begin with a glass of Krug, the tuna tartar, and also the lobster. – Sure. – and also the duck. (cork popping) – I am aiming to Brazil for Carnival, thus this is often my initial drink on an associate epic trip.

Thus many thanks. Cheers! alright. – Here is your tuna tartar. – Smells wonderful, thank you. Lobster and Krug. (silverware clinking)(elegant music) This smells thus sensible. (elegant music)(silverware clinking) (inhaling) (snapping finger) Tuna’s delicious. (elegant music) Smell’s amazing! Mmm. (silverware clinking) It’s delicious. (elegant music) We’re aiming for Brazil. (snapping fingers) aiming for Brazil. (snapping fingers) Whoo! I am thus excited! (thudding) Buckeye State Saviour. (laughing) – [Cameraman] (laughing) Alright.

That is for the outtakes. – [Cameraman] perhaps you go into the front? – that is for the outtakes. (pulsing electronic music) And this is often the manus category cabin of the Yankee Airlines Triple Seven three hundred. to not be confused with the two hundred. That one does not have first-class. this is often eight seats. One, two, one. So, some individuals can say that Business and initial on Yankee is just about a similar.

I disagree. the primary category suite is longer and wider and it’s during an abundant smaller, intimate cabin than within the Business category. Plus, the service is best as a result of there is solely eight individuals, max, within the cabin. All six-foot, seven of nicely tucked away. My shoulders were ar free. (sighing) let’s have a look at what is on the menu for tonight. Entree choices: Potato encrusted Filet, Sweet Potato Wrapped Halibut, Classic hunter’s chicken, and Zucchini Meatballs. (tapping menu) (musical clap) that is pretty sleek.

Thus it accustomed be Cole Haan, currently, it’s is oftenGround Pouch. I am going to ought to confirm out, however, that is pretty stylish if I’ll say this myself. And after all, the Satyendra Nath Bose headphones. the sole downside with Satyendra Nath Bose is that they typically collect them AN hour before arrival. thus do not sleep off with them on. they’re going to wake you up. one among the items I favor concerning Yankee is their new partnership with city Mattresses. That this unhealthy boy is that the pad.

thus once it is time to travel to bed, you truly place this pad down. They even have this is often a Business category. Yankee offers the city fantabulous pajamas. this is often giant-extra large. let’s examine if they very match. (door closing) (pulsing electronic music) they are reasonably like capris, however, they are in currently, right? (pulsing electronic music) once concerning AN hour delay, we’re within the air and like every Yankee Airlines flight during a premium cabin… heat kooky baby. (light bouncy music) the primary course, tomato, and chickpea soup. Next up, (light bouncy music) (chewing)tastes like water.

Zero flavors. And currently, it is time to style the Zucchini dish. (light bouncy music) Smells sensible. (silverware clinking) Tastes reasonably like Italian rice and breadcrumbs. I am not mad concerning it. (light bouncy music) Ooh, that Shafer chardonnay… (clicking tongue) tons of individuals were commenting on Instagram concerning it. You were right. you usually square measure.

Ooh, that appears superb! For the instant of truth, the Monkey Cake. feels like a cinnamon schnecken. (laughing) Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! that is insane…[Flight Attendant] isn’t it good? really one in every of the foremost effective desserts I’ve ever had on a plane. so good! (silverware clinks) The tough guy merely takes it. (laughing) – typically|this can be} often specific.

It’s thus wise. so good! need to stop using it and visit the bed. (making kiss noise) farewell. (light bouncy music) (lively jazzy music) that’s what I call lie-flat bed head. Slept for five hours. able to go. would love an occasional though. (lively jazzy music) three things I likable and failed to like regarding flying AA Flagship first. the quantity one issue that I pet was the Flagship Lounge, specifically Flagship uptake.

Delicious! eatery quality, World Health Organization knew? Krug! selection two, I likable the flight attendants. They were in no time. They knew people needed to urge to sleep. They started serving the meal quickly. She was giving province tips for Brazil. Loved her. variety 3, I likable the bedding and additionally the long, big bed. That passed the TPG check. it had been cozy. No complaints. Things I failed to like. In general, the food aboard was, meh besides that green goods. I’m gonna dream of these green goods.

Number two, the suites don’t seem to be terribly personal. so even going to bed, I was– Even grasp I like row one, the sunshine from the galley did square measure accessibly, but, you know, you can not win all. and additionally, the range three issues that I failed to like was the delays. You know, we have a tendency to tend to be delayed zero.5 Associate in Nursing hour as a result of yank Airlines failed to have a crew. They were in between shifts. this sort of stuff happens all the time. Otherwise, a wonderful flight. so excited to be in Brazil.

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