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21; digital marketing courses Singapore and 3 tips on how I create traffic to my website.

digital marketing courses Singapore and 3 tips on how I create traffic to my website.
digital marketing

digital marketing

digital marketing courses Singapore and 3 tips on how I create traffic to my website. for this video, I talk about digital marketing courses Singapore courses that.

I have attended in Singapore and also I will share with you three tips which I have used to increase traffic to my website the first one would be YouTube video I’ll show you.

How I use YouTube video to bring in traffic to my website now let’s go over to my YouTube so this is my YouTube video the video which I am using I is actually optimized using the keyword translate.

English to Chinese so you can try to search for my video using translate English to Chinese now the search is done so from here you can see one two three four okay for the keyword translate English to Chinese.

This is my video it is ranked on the fourth position and I have already uploaded for one week it was uploaded one week ago and it has actually created 66 view.

 I am also optimizing using digital marketing courses Singapore the keyword Learn Chinese okay let’s try to search for my video using learn Chinese okay one two three four five so for the keyword learn Chinese my video was rank on the fifth position okay.

And I have also ranked using the keyword learn Chinese courses  Chinese cause trainees Casas all in Chinese cause okay for the keyword learn Chinese course okay. digital marketing courses in Singapore.

At least one Chinese course he’s been ranked on a position in YouTube okay and I also actually ranking using the keyword learn Mandarin dream so 4 q 1 2 3 4 5 6 for the key one lemon during my videos had to be ranked on the 1 2 3 4 5 6 positions okay so one more thing.

I need to show you is okay let’s go to my video in my video over here what IP was in the video description I have also add in my website URL which is English to Chinese pop info okay so that when the user came.

To my video and and read through my descriptions they will can click here to go to my website so now let’s go over to my website so this is my website English to Chinese store info okay.

So let’s go to the back end and this is the back and English to Chinese tour info okay then I mean okay we go to the side status thing so under site space statistic here we can see the traffic has been China into the cleaners loading okay.

so from the side statistics here you can see that on the 5th which is yesterday I actually have the increase of a spite of 45 views coming to my website okay this is after I put up my YouTube video okay.

so this is how I actually channel traffic okay the next tip saw increasing something I wanna talk about is actually create a Facebook page for your website based on this side okay.

So why is it important to create a Facebook because that’s this index ability there’s this thing called index ability of the web page so your website that you created may not be have a very good index ability.

And you may not index well in the Google search engine but for social media like for example Facebook Twitter it has a better index ability compared to other side.

So if you create a Facebook page and if the changes are a being indexed in the Google search engine is much more higher than your website and once your Facebook page is page indexed from there you can link.

It to your website okay I will show you an example of what I mean okay let’s go to Google ok my website is actually an ex back work I can show it to you a web work is actually my website.

which I show to my client okay so I actually create a Facebook page for it okay now when we hover and we go over to Google and we try to research a X let work and you will see that actually my social media on my Facebook page.

Actually got indexed and you show on top of my website okay you can see it over here except I work this is my Facebook page so when I search directly from my business name a web work the one that ranks on the top is actually Facebook okay.

And then the dis one is also a Facebook post and then followed by the other one is one and I followed by my pin interest and lastly finally followed by my website so from here you can know that your social media actually indexed better compared to the resign for the tips.

I’m going to show you how I increased after using in interest for my travel blog okay so now let’s go over to my Pinterest account okay so this is my Pinterest account so I actually created but for for travel okay.

So over here you can see for travel I may need to get up to 88 thousand views okay for my audience engagement okay so over here you can create into a post or you can even post your affiliate program or link over here.

And your money pool or engagement b-word they will be able to see it, okay so this is how actually I use Pinterest I create you okay and this is my travel site okay these are actually banners Google banners and a video program.

Which I post on my side, okay so this is the last tip that I’m showing you okay when interest is actually quite you smooth okay and also for the courses I’ll be sharing the courses.

That I will be attending or I already attended in the comment in the video comments below so it can look out for the courses which I recommend I attended okay in the comment area below okay thank you for watching my video for digital marketing courses in Singapore.

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