Finding Love in the Digital Age: How to Do Modern Dating


As smartphones and social media take over most people’s lives, nowadays, finding love in the digital age can be challenging as it’s a different ballgame to the experience of past generations. The availability and easy access to technology have made it easier for people to connect with people virtually.

Plus, studies have shown the immense success of online dating, with over 22% of couples that meet online usually end up getting engaged.

Although online dating is one of the most convenient ways to meet a potential romantic match, there are a couple of things you can do to increase your chance of connecting with someone special. Here’s how to improve your chances of finding love in today’s digital age.

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Understand Yourself and Your Needs in a Partner

Before hopping into dating apps or anywhere on the internet to find love, it’s best to know who you are, what you like to do, and what things make you happy. From there, you can start finding someone compatible with you and vice versa. Taking note of the qualities essential to you to find a potential match is also a great way to identify what you’re looking for in a partner.

Keep in mind that this isn’t about making a list and disregarding people who don’t possess them. However, it lets you become a bit more discerning in your options and makes looking for love a bit easier. You can save time and increase your chances of finding love in the digital age by hiring a capable matchmaker. They’ll be able to find the perfect person for you while you focus on other aspects of your life, such as your career.

Be Upfront About What Kind of Relationship You’re Looking For

If you’re looking for an intimate relationship or a friendly one, be upfront about this with those you meet online. There’s a whole spectrum of individuals on different dating apps and sites, including those looking for a relationship, something more casual, and others who aren’t sure. Remember that there’s no right or wrong preference. However, if you’re looking for something long-term, and someone you like ended up wanting something more casual, all your efforts can lead to no heartache.

That’s why when finding love in the digital age, make sure to let the people you’ve matched with know this from the get-go. You won’t scare off potential matches by expressing your desires. After all, the best thing about dating in the digital age is that there are many ways to find others.

Be Honest About Yourself

Ever since the advent of technology, most people’s attention spans have drastically changed. People often flit social media apps while watching something on TV and conversing with someone via virtual means. All these, coupled with the fact that many individuals are time-poor, mean that if your dating or social media profiles aren’t up-to-date, people may ignore you.

Choices like online dating are usually high-effort but have little to no success. That’s why it’s best to fill out your online profiles to give you a better chance of grabbing the attention of someone who piqued your interest, meaning you’ll need to fill out all the details about yourself. These include what kind of relationship you’re after, your beliefs, etc. Remember that it’s better, to be honest from the get-go to avoid wasting your time and prevent misunderstandings.

Don’t Be Persistent

Although it’s easier to communicate with others in the digital age, if you’re trying to find love, avoid being too persistent. Try not to over text. For instance, sending more than three texts without getting a response should be your sign to stop since it can make the person on the receiving end feel overwhelmed.

Additionally, avoid letting digital communication continue for too long and limit yourself to a handful of messages before moving onto a phone call.

Avoid Sticking to Your Usual Pattern of Communication

Avoid following your traditional communication pattern, meaning if you haven’t heard from someone, don’t hesitate to ask them if they’re interested in getting together again. It shows the other person that you’re still interested in them or helps you confirm if they enjoy your presence or not. Either way, it’s better than having them ghost you.

Finding love in today’s digital age, though it may be more convenient, won’t likely happen in a matter of mere days. However, with a bit of persistence, commitment, and considering the advice mentioned, you’ll soon find someone special to spend time with during the good and bad times.

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