Garcia y Vega Game Leaf Cigars

Full Guide to Game Leaf and Blunt Cigars

Garcia y Vega recently launched an all-new style of Game Cigars to compliment their 1882 brand line! These delicious cigars are designed to give smokers the best of both worlds in terms of premium leaf wrappers and value. 

Furthermore, these delicious cigars are wrapped with natural tobacco leaves and taste amazingly smooth! So what is Game Leaf Cigars? What are the different types of Garcia y Vega Game Cigars? Below, we’ll cover all of this and more!

Leaf Cigar Styles

Leaf wrapper cigars come in all shapes and sizes. There are Coronas, Blunts, Petit Corona Cigars, Cigarillos, and more! Some cigars have been designed to last up to an hour, while others are ideal for shorter smoke sessions. Knowing your cigars and wrappers will help you select the perfect stogie to light for every occasion. 

Perfect for Brief Smoke Sessions 

Game Leaf cigars are perfect for a short smoke break anytime! They burn slowly enough that they can be savored. On the other hand, Game Leaf cigars burn quickly enough that you don’t have to put them out only to have to relight them later. 

Blunt Game Leaf Cigars

Blunt cigars are wider than a cigarillo but not as wide as a Corona. In general, these cigars are the same size as a Petite Corona. A Short Panatella is another kind of mini-blunt cigar. Game Leaf blunt cigars are just the right width for a slow and even smoking session! 

Inner and Outer Leaf Wrappers 

Blunt cigars consist of two parts. First, they have an inner leaf, which is similar to a rolling paper. However, the inner leaf is made using tobacco, not paper. 

Then, there’s the outer leaf. This will be thicker and rolled in a spiral pattern. Combined, the inner and outer leaf wrappers work to create an even burn and smooth flavorful smoke. 

Some leaf cigars are made with tobacco pulp shaped into leaf paper. Other leaf cigars use real leaves. Both styles of leaf wrappers enhance the flavor of a cigar and add to its nicotine content. 

Blunt Cigar Origins 

Originally, blunt cigars got their name from the broad-shaped rounded ends of their tobacco leaves. In the 19th century, many cigars had pointed ends. Instead of being tapered and pointed at the end, blunt cigars ended abruptly. 

Although Phillies Blunts are the original blunt cigar, today, there are an array of impressive new options to try. Popular styles of blunt cigars include Dutch Masters, Backwoods, and of course, the Garcia y Vega Game Leaf cigar. 

Garcia y Vega Game Leaf Blunt Cigars

Game Leaf Cigars are designed to balance value, flavor, and quality. Wrapped in premium blunt style leaf wrappers, these delicious cigars come in many impressive flavors. 

Delicious Game Leaf Cigar Flavors 

Choose from delicious classic flavors like Wild Berry, Natural, Cognac, and Sweet Aromatic! Additionally, new Game Leaf flavors like White Russian, Grape, Tropical, Watermelon, and Peach, are now available. 

Signature Game Leaf FoilFresh Pouches 

Furthermore, Garcia y Vega Game Leaf Cigars come in a FoilFresh pouch. So, you’ll get two premium cigars and a pouch that can easily be resealed for freshness. As such, these cigars are an amazing value! 

Game Leaf Cigars for Sale Online 

If you want to try Garcia y Vega Game Leaf Cigars, you’re in the right place! All you have to do is follow this direct link. From there, you’ll be taken to one of the most impressive online retailers of Garcia y Vega Game Cigars. 

Not only will you get access to better prices, but you can try all of the new Game Leaf flavors for cheap! With nation-wide shipping and daily specials, this is without a doubt one of the best places to buy Garcia y Vega Game Leaf Cigars online. 

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