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Here is How to Decorate the Space Around Your Bed

If we were to ask you what’s the most important element of your bedroom, pat will come a reply the bed. We spend hours scouting for a new designer bed online or at the local market so that we pick the trendiest bed for the room.

Along with the bed, there are other things as well that you need to pay attention to so that you can make your bedroom even more stylish. Let’s look at how we can decorate the space around the bed to add that spark to the room.

Add a Side Table: If your bed doesn’t come with a built-in shelf, then use a versatile bedside table to fill in that space. After all, you need something that can hold your things like your gadgets, charger, your reading glasses, or meds. You can decorate the bedside table with a fancy night lamp, a small planter, and even a photo frame.

Fix Wall Shelves: If your room doesn’t have the space to accommodate a bookshelf, don’t be disheartened. You can fix some wall shelves in your room that can hold your favorite book, that you can read at bedtime.

Redo The Wall Behind Your Bed: Don’t let the wall behind your bed look bare. You can decorate it in multiple ways. Make it a wall of frames! Frame all the favorite family pictures and strategically place them.

Another idea would be to hang one large wall art that syncs well with your décor. You can choose between landscape, floral, abstract design, anything that matches your personality.

You can take the creativity a notch higher by covering the wall behind your bed will wallpaper, converting it into an accent wall. If adding wallpaper is out of your budget, you can add pretty wall stickers instead, like some inspirational quotes for an intellectual touch.

Create a Cozy Sitting Corner: Just because it’s your bedroom, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have cozy seating in there. Place an oversized armchair near a window and you are sorted.

If you have a larger bedroom, placing a settee, or an ottoman by the foot of the bed is appealing.

Use Dramatic Curtians and Rugs: A room no matter how well decorated, looks naked without the curtains. Play with the color of the sheers, don’t try to match them to the décor and make it boring, rather pick a quirky pattern in bright colors to create an interesting contrast.

Adding a small rug or floor runner is also a fun and budget-friendly way to lift the spirits of an otherwise dull room.

There are so many other things that you can do apart from what we have suggested above. For example, you can add an oversized mirror on the wall of your bedroom to give it a feeling of being spacious.

Adding low profile, easy-to-maintain planters in your room is a great way to blend naturally into your space. We firmly believe that what matters the most while decorating your house is to follow your instinct, after no one knows your space better than you! So don’t hold back, go all bold with the decorations.

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