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14:How To Buy Investment Rental Property With No Money Down

Investment Rental Property

How to get an investment rental property with no cash down? have you ever detected that purchasing an associate investment property with no cash down is impossible? Well, it’s not possible. the general public simply hasn’t any plan for the way to truly get it done. however, I actually have done it over and over. and I am getting to show you precisely the way to do it and tell you all the secrets. Let’s go.

I am getting to offer you a detailed step-by-step method on the way to get associate investment property with no cash down. I am getting to share with you well-tried capitalist ways and I am going to share with you my dirty little secret on however I got over forty-two rental properties while not victimization any banks. So, assets investing has been life-changing on behalf of me particularly after I actually became a true estate capitalist and stopped thinking sort of a civilian.

Asset investors create cash off of assets and that they do not look at assets an equivalent means that the majority of individuals do.   As a true estate capitalist, we glance at properties in a way totally different thanks to seeing what quantity cash we will create off those properties and make win-win situations for ourselves and also the people who we’re shopping for from. As a true estate capitalist, I’ve been able to assist many families out of things wherever they were in an exceeding property that they either could not afford, was falling apart, or they required to induce eliminate quickly.

To boot, I’ve been able to create a large amount of cash within the method as a result of I have been serving them and growing my wealth and my rental portfolio within the method. however, after I initially commenced investment in assets, I used to be not thinking sort of an assets capitalist. though I used to be fixing and flipping homes, I was only thinking of what that means.

I ne’er extremely got into assets investment thinking the right way. that specialize in property issues and finding properties wherever I will create the foremost profits. I used to quite suppose sort of an assets civilian. I used to be a bit like you guys. I watched a great deal of HGTV. I saw those fix and flip shows and in truth, after I initially started fixing and flipping, I did create cash. I started off in 2002-2003. 

So, the market was terribly totally different in the past. I used to be able to pay for properties pay for the repairs and still sell the property and make a profit. Well, boy, did my mistakes return to lightweight once the economy modified. It forced Maine to really begin thinking sort of an assets capitalist.   I concluded up losing everything. I concluded up with foreclosures, bankruptcy, and back in my parents’   basement.

I used to be creating such a large amount of mistakes that as soon because the market modified, I lost everything. however currently that I feel sort of an assets investor and I solely get properties that I will get for pennies on the greenbacks. In high appreciating areas, I get the most effective properties for a very cheap quantity of cash. which is what has modified my life and also the reason why I am going to ne’er be bust once more.   So, as I said, I started investing in my parents’ basement.

Concluded up whereas I used to be bankrupt foreclosed and licking my wounds, I ended up obtaining an instructor that educated Maine on an awfully necessary issue regarding assets investment. He taught Maine the way to wholesale. however additional significantly,   he educated Maine on the way to notify individuals that were having a problem with the property so I might get those properties for pennies on the greenbacks.

I started targeting people who were in pre-foreclosure and in proceedings. This allowed Maine to induce those properties (in some cases)   for simply the quantity of cash that they were passed due on the mortgage. as a result of they were losing the property to proceedings anyway and that I might relate to their story and tell them what happened to Maine, I used to be able to get those properties under contract either to wholesale them to mend and flip them or flip them into rental properties.

As a result of they were conjointly in proceedings, I used to be able to facilitate them get their credit back on track while not longing the awful method of proceedings. Again, that specialize in a property problem and making win-win things amendment their life and mine. this can be actually however a real assets capitalist ought to be thinking.

So, the first step to purchasing associate investment rental property with no cash down goes to be an equivalent lesson that I learned. you wish to concentrate on a property problem. As I said, after I initially got into it,   I started that specialize in people who were in pre-foreclosure in proceedings.

However, currently, I will tell you there is a laundry list of different issues that folks area unit longing which will permit you to try to to the precise same thing that I did. you’ve got foreclosures, pre-foreclosures,   bankruptcy, divorce, familial homes, probate (for example), tired landlords. Literally, landlords have to evict someone. Those people are ripe and I’ve gotten tons of properties with tenants in them for pennies on the dollar because I focus on a property problem.

So, take a moment and think about it for a second and tell me what type of property problems you’re going to focus on.   Again, this is the key to actually getting rental properties and making a ton of money in real estate without spending very much money. So, go ahead and type that below for me. I read all of the comments and I really want to help you guys through this and throw out some different ideas on how you can do it for the market that you’re in.

So, let me tell you the power of a thing called   “Subject To”. As I mentioned before, I was able to get over 42 properties without ever having to use a bank. I bet you’re wondering how I did that. Well, as I said, I was focusing on people that were already behind on their mortgage payments. So, I would send them letters, put out signs,   mail flyers different things like that.

Marketing and targeting them on their exact pain.   I would put in my marketing things like, “Are you behind on your mortgage payments?” Pretty simple,   right? And they will respond, “Yes, I am.” That way, I could start purchasing those properties   “Subject To”. Let me tell you what that means. Subject to is a concept that we use in real estate investing where we purchase the home subject to the existing financing staying in place.

Meaning,   you buy the home however the mortgage stays in place. You take over those mortgage payments.   We call it TOPS or taking over the payment system. It’s a system where we contractually, legally,   and ethically purchase the home and we keep that mortgage in place so that we can either get on the title and then refinance it out of their name or do some lease purchase options or get the property in our name yet the mortgage stays in that person’s name.

That way, we don’t have to go to the banks, we don’t have to do with income verifications, we don’t lower our personal credit scores. And I’m going to give you a super amazing tip so that you can do this even faster.   So, the new and improved way that I want to teach you because this is the biggest secret and how my students are doing this faster than I did it.

You can use business credit.   You literally can start building business credit, get business funding, and use that money to catch up those mortgage payments and take over those payments. This way you can show those sellers that you have all of the money and you’re secure in what you’re doing so you don’t feel this anxiety about taking over someone’s mortgage payment and not being able to make sure that you can pay it.

   It’s very important that you do have the money to catch up on those past-due mortgage payments and be able to pay the mortgage forward even if your tenant doesn’t pay. I literally was able to get properties for just a few thousand dollars by catching up the pass-through mortgage payments,   paying those payments myself than putting a tenant in them and they were paying even more than what the mortgage payment was.

And again, I did not have to use one bank. No one checked my credit. And I use my business credit to do it. Then after 6 months or a year or 2   years whatever, I and the seller negotiate, I will put that mortgage in my business’s name.   Boom! Okay, so now that I have blown your mind with all of this great information, and shared all of my secrets, told you all of my business.

If you need a little bit more information,   I’ve actually created an entire course that goes through all of the steps by steps of this and even gives you more ways on how to target and find these people that are having these property problems for free. Check out this free training at   Again, that’s

It’s a full course that I created just for you so you can have all of the information, all of the tools, and all the resources that you need to be successful.   Also, go ahead and make sure you smash that like button because I just told you all my business.   And subscribe to my channel. This is Noelle. To your success.

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