How to look beautiful without even doing makeup


Is it possible to look beautiful even without makeup? People often ask this question, especially growing girls.

So, the answer is yes it is possible.

The problem that growing age girls face is that they think they can look beautiful only with makeup but makeup just ruins our natural skin look and it looks like we are putting something on the face and especially with that it destroys our skin natural pigments.

We can look beautiful and prettier without makeup. Here are 7 tips that I am going to share with you guys so that your problems will solve.

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Give Hairs A good/Healthy care:

When we think about naturally looking beautiful we almost forgot about our hairs. To look beautiful, we have to maintain our hair care routine because hair plays an important role in a good appearance.

  • Choose the right shampoo for your hairs that can match your skin type so you don’t get any adverse effects of shampoo. Everyone has different skin types, someone has dry skin, someone has oily so choose shampoo carefully. Shampoo your hair at least after 2 days. It will make your hair good and definitely, your appearance also depends on how your hair is.
  • Also conditioned hairs after shampoo it will give a perfect shine and your hair become more beautiful and healthy.
  • Prohibit using straighteners, hairdryers, and hair sprays as it may damage hairs on an extreme level.

Take A Good Skincare:

To look fresh and beautiful skincare is important. Hydrate your body by drinking water as it will give your skin a very natural glow and so you look naturally beautiful.

  • Drink enough water to glow up your skin so you look naturally fresh and prettier.
  • Use body lotion to get skin moisturized after washing. It will overcome dryness and rough skin.
  • Use brown sugar and mix some honey in it and gently scrub it on your skin to remove dead cells. It will make your skin and face look more fresh and clean.don’t rub too hard otherwise you get scars on your face.

 Look Beautiful Without Makeup:

There are many natural things we can use instead of makeup to look pretty. the first problem we faced a lot is pimples or acne issues. Black seed oil is best to use for acne scars.

It will help heal all wounds on the face and speed up the process to heal acne scars and help prevent acne in future. So if these problems are solved your face will look clear and probably beautiful neat skin.

  • Instead of using any mascara or eyelash curler apply olive oil on eyelashes with mascara brush, it will help to grow eyelashes and you look beautiful.
  • Use Vaseline petroleum jelly on your lips instead of lipstick. It will make your lips glow naturally and your lips look pink and beautiful.  
  • Always wash your face before sleeping at night so the excess amount of dirt is removed from your face and it won’t affect the skin.
  • To choose a foundation for use first check out skin colour whether your skin tone is hot or cold. After that, if you choose a base or foundation it will exactly set up with your skin and doesn’t look like there’s stuff on the face.

The steps that I am telling you are those which I used myself to look beautiful so don’t miss out on any of the steps. It will help you to build your personality and your look.

 Maintain Body Fitness :

Now coming towards the next step which is body fitness and appearance.

Body fitness care is as important as skincare. if our body looks good it may have a good effect on exercise go to the gym daily it will make you look perfect.

Eat healthy food and never miss out breakfast and don’t eat too many oily things it will affect the body. maintain your body shape it will help you look confident and pretty. apart from that waxing is necessary and for waxing, use natural sugar wax as it is easy to do and easy to make.

Choose A dress according to your body:

After fitness, here comes the point of dressing. Always choose a colour which expresses your skin tone. I mean the colour which suits you the most. And also choose that type of dress which is according to your body shape.

If your body suits frocks or skirts you can wear that type of clothes if your bodysuits jeans,  long shoes etc you can wear them according to body shape.

Expressions of the face:

Here comes the last but not the least tip. Which are expressions on your face.

Modern research proves that the people who live happily are more beautiful than people having stress. Your face impressions help you to increase or decrease your beauty.

Put a slight smile on your face every time it will make your face even fresher and the people who stay happy are more likely to be beautiful than the people who have plain faces without expressions.

So yes guys these are the tips I have shared with you people and I know it will solve your problems regarding beauty without makeup. I use these tips to look attractive and beautiful without makeup.

Written by Hina Ramzan

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