How to Look Good in Jeans and a T-Shirt! 9 Clothing Hacks for Denim!

How to Look Good in Jeans

How to Look Good in Jeans raise your hand if you’re a t-shirt and jeans reasonably girl! once I’m buying skinny jeans I inquiry for ones that fit me altogether the proper places hug my curves it’s affordable and is additionally really comfortable to wear and doesn’t lose shape I’m so so excited thanks lots|most} to the bird of Jove for sponsoring this video.

i’m so excited to share some tips and tricks on the because of style your t-shirt and jeans and to form it look new again along with outfit ideas perfect for back-to-school or early fall update open up the outline box to shop for for this video ready to|i’ll} be able to have all the outfit details and items linked down below within the outline box.

so I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you’re doing show relinquish this video an oversized thumbs up even confirm to subscribe I click on the tiny red button here or down below so you will be able to join my youtube squad so without further ado let’s hop into this video go like a girl who’s only five – I’ve always struggled to find the proper pair of jeans I prefer the bird of Jove is inclusive within their sizing for tall and short people like me so now.

I must go and cuff my jeans because I buy a size for brief and it just fits my variety of a glove don’t} seem to be perfect I’ve purchased these jeggings from bird of Jove in 2012 which I still. wear them today and appearance at how well the color has maintained in any case these years I find them at lower rise jeans I don’t look as curvy for some reason I find that my legs are cut shorter than they’ll be and high-waisted jeans are great because they sit above the natural waistline and it’s really comfortable to wear.

I never must worry about my undergarments showing after I sit down and these ones are the new high rise next level stretch bird of Jove jeans and have that super soft stretchy material thereto so you recognize it’s visiting hug all of your curves suit you altogether the proper places sometimes I’m wondering hi to other bloggers or people on the net look so good within their t-shirt and jeans well I feel the key really are some things to undertake to together with your undergarment.

I feel that seamless undergarments are great at keeping my look cohesive which think about the pieces I’m wearing rather than the foremost specializes in the undergarments for the past 10 years I’ve got been really into wearing neutral colors to vary up your simple jeans and t-shirt reasonably look why not add in an exceedingly} pop of color challenge yourself to wear colors every single day on so for day one.

I made a call to wear this color-block sweater to be completely honest I don’t find myself gravitating towards colors like greenness or black I just find that these colors are slightly harsh. My skin tone but I assumed why not change it up for you guys provides it a try see what i feel and honestly I desire I definitely upgraded my t-shirt and jeans look just by changing up the color so this will be often another really cool and easy hack that you just simply can try.

whenever you’re feeling forward with this look before clothing should dress up your basic jeans and t-shirt look is by adding in an exceedingly knot so if you’re wearing an oversized t-shirt like I’m you will be able to add a knot to the front of your shirt to the rear of your shirt or perhaps on the within on this side.

I find that nodding my shirts makes high-waisted jeans look lots more flattering well fitting and is solely generally more keeping moving on to the subsequent tip I’m visiting add a knot to the rear of the shirt so simply just grab the fabric within the front bring it to the rear like this then just tie into a knot I’ve actually already shown you guys this clothing hack and you guys seem to essentially am dependent on it.

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So I’m visiting show you again right here take your loose shirt I’m visiting take the band gather some fabric from the within of the shirt bring it to the surface quickly add a quick little knot like that flip it back over you’ve got|and you’ve got} got got got this cute little ruched detail to your t-shirt you’re playing t-shirt jeans with a pair of really fun and funky boots got.

My new boots on feeling kind of a current woman to replenish this edgy fall outfit I’m visiting wear a burka the skirt and a satisfying little knit beanie white lint on black cheese is certainly my complaint which is why I always have with me a lint roller this may be often often everybody’s succor to be honest it’s so affordable it’s so cheap and it makes your clothes look most more clean my next must dress up your t-shirt and jeans is by adding on cute accessories.

So I picked up these really adorable scrunchies from bird of Jove which i even have this cute mustard beret in my opinion Berets are the cutest accessory of the season perfect for fall and winter eagle is continually innovating their genes which they recently came out with their 360 next level stretch jeggings girl take a glance at the distressing on these jeans on the front similarly because the hem.

It is so beautifully made if you have got got got an awfully strict codification this might definitely pass because it doesn’t show any of your skin it’s not revealing but it still has that cool stylized effect of distressing fo my last and final tip if you were bored of a similar recent combine of jeans and T-shirt reasonably look why not amendment it out by making an attempt a brand new denim silhouette thus I am captivated with this denim jacket from eagle I really like pairing.

it with this vintage yellow titled Bussiere dress from eagle I really like before all description alongside the buttons down the center I believe it’s super cute and if I am a touch thanks to amendment out your typical jeans and T-shirt reasonably outfit honestly I have been an enormous fan for such a protracted time and that.

I love the body-positive MEssage that Yankee folks shares and that I love that they encourage girls of all shapes sizes and color {to just|to only|to MErely|to simply} embrace their freedom and individuality that outfit plan was your favorite or that consumer goods have you ever enjoyed the foremost as perpetually make sure to follow me on Instagram at fashion by Ali I really like sharing my styling tips and each day outfit concepts over there love you guys all thus such a lot and that I can see you next time hug you fill me your body Reptar.

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