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12:Ideal Food For Humans

Ideal Food For Humans

Ideal food for humans. What will that mean and World Health Organization gets to make your mind up the best food for humans? coming back right up Hey I am Dr. Ekberg with eudaimonia ForLife and if you would like very|to actually} master health by understanding however the body really works certify|check that} that you simply subscribe and hit that notification bell so do not|you do not} miss something the best food for humans what’s that World Health Organization gets to decide?

Well of late it appears like individuals place additional religion in opinions on the dash diet and therefore the Mediterranean diet and therefore the Paleo diet therefore|then|so|and then} forth however World Health Organizations right and the way will we tend to decide? Well during this case there’s just one decide and.

The one who decides is your desoxyribonucleic acid why will that matter what’s desoxyribonucleic acid well desoxyribonucleic acid codes for proteins you have got desoxyribonucleic acid in each cell and what it will it’s a code it’s a blueprint for the way to create certain proteins thereforeme|and a few} of these proteins that your body makes area unit known as enzymes thus desoxyribonucleic acid makes proteins theme of the proteins area unit.

Enzymes and enzymes they break down your food so everythingthat you set into your body it’ll go straight through with fully nochange unless you had enzymes simply because you set it in your mouth does notmean that it becomes tissue in your body the method that produces that transitionis initiated it’s it’s created happen by enzymes and if you set one thing in yourbody that your enzymes don’t acknowledge.

If there is not a definite work if that foodis foreign to your enzymes if you do not have the proper enzymes to interrupt downthat food if the food is not bestowed within the right combination for your enzymesthen that food is foreign your body doesn’t grasp what to try and do with it our DNAis unchanged for the last 250 years.

So all the peoplewho have lived throughout the last 250 years area unit sharing an equivalent DNAit hasn’t modified so let’s consider what happened this small orange sq. righthere represents ten,000 years thus we tend to take this small piece and that we blow it up andthis is currently ten,000 years.

That is however long we’ve had agriculture that is however longwe have had any reasonably exposure to grain and it does not imply we tend to had thesame reasonably grains that we’ve these days previously {there we tend tore|there have been} 2 grains thatwere known as corn and einkorn the primary ancient wheats {and we tend to|and that we} did not have cornand we did not have rice and that we did not have.

A rye or any of these things thus for10,000 years we tend to started that is however long we tend to’ve had any reasonably grain we tend to starteddoing agriculture {and then|then|so|and thus} once we break this down so relative to the present ten,000 currentlywe have very little|this tiny|this small} blip that could be a hundred associated fifty years which is howeverlong we tend to’ve had any kind of food process.

which implies that we’ve taken the grain apart we tend to take the food apart we tend to have taken bound items out so currently that we tend to give the food to your enzymes it’s totally different as a result of it’s not presented within the same mixtures within the same proportions any longer and 150years coca-cola wasn’t even around there was no quick food there was no surprise Bread there were none of the trendy processed foods that we tend to recognize that produces up the bulk of what individuals eat these days.

we breakit down any and this little little sliver is fifty years that is however long we’vehad an abundance of processed foods that is the time wherever white sugar whiteflour has become the bulk of what we’re feeding so observing thisperspective if this is often how long if 250,000 years is however long our desoxyribonucleic acid hasremained unchanged modified.

That is tens of thousands of generations associated here we’ve 2 generations and there’s fully no chance that our desoxyribonucleic acid has had the possibility to adapt to those fashionable foods that mean all those fashionable foods the bulk of what we tend to eat is an experiment it’s a far off intruder our bodies don’t grasp what to try and do therewith food thus.

oneexample i favor to relinquish to bring this in perspective is you head to your averagegrocery store and there is regarding fifty,000 shelf things up there and if you gothrough the shop you raise yourself what number of those things existed previous to10,000 years thus if it existed before ten,000 years means that|meaning|which means} it existedsomewhere around here meaning.

it most likely was offered for our ancestorsto get custom-made to and if it did not exist then it’s foreign and if you go throughthe average grocery {you’ll most likely|you’ll likely|you will likely} notice perhaps 100 itemsthere’s the meat section there is thusme chicken there is some fish there is somevegetables many berries {and some|and many} fruit perhaps a few bats.

However everything elseeverything made up of sugar and high levulose corn starch and flour andartificial sweeteners and preservatives and color enhancers and flavor enhancersyour body has ne’er seen those things if we tend to did not have it then it doesn’tabsolutely mean that it is a dangerous plan however it means it’s probably a foul plan sowhat did.

we’ve offered previously what did our ancestors have we tend toll prettymuch before agriculture it absolutely was something that you simply may catch draw orpick so one thing you may catch would be meat or fish and therefore the meat was notjerky with flavourer and preservatives and high levulose sirup and every one thosesugar if you may dig it up may need beensome potatoes or some version of a potato or a sweet potato or a rutabagaor a parsnip it wasn’t potato chips.

it wasn’t frenchfries it wasn’t these reconstituted puffy things that we stock thecellophane baggage even supposing they assert they are created out of vegetables it’s nota root or a tuber or a vegetable any longer one thing you may decide those would befruits and vegetables and doesn’t mean a fruit roll-up it does not meanstrawberry jam it does not mean a low-fat pop-tart those are not foodsthey were not available if we change them to that degree they become foreignto our bodies again and another thing to keep in mind was that most of thesethings.

were probably seasonal that I’m not going to get into the argumentwhether we’re supposed to be carnivores or vegetarian I think we need to eatsome of everything but we need to keep in mind that most things were seasonalso even if we had access to fruits and vegetables it probably wasn’t year-roundit was probably more likely to have year-round access to meat and fish andthe other.

Thing to understand is whole foods that everything that we eat needsto be eaten as close as possible to its natural stateif a potato was available it should still look like potato it shouldn’t looklike potato chips or vodka because even though they’re made from potato they’renot the same thing same thing with meat same thing with vegetables same thingwith anything that you eat the closer.

it is to its original form the more enzymes the more nutrition the more vitamin complexes it retains the more naturally everything is combined so next time that someone presents you the ideal diet when some agency has an official boat and proclaims their so that diet as theofficial and optimum diet for humans ask yourselfthese questions was it around do we have the enzymes to break.

it down does it fit this model because this model is what your DNA recognizes and last year the DASH diet was proclaimed as the best diet and it has 50%recommends 50% of its calories from grains that it is very very questionable if that is a suitable human food so keep this in mind and please share this video with as many people as you can if we start understanding the bigger picture of health.

if we start understanding physiology then we can all help each other get healthier and ask for the right foods and have producers produce the right foods for us if you’re new to this channel and you enjoy this sort of content make sure that you subscribe and hit that notification bell so that we can keep this content coming your way thanks for watching.

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