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2:iOS 14 Home Screen Setup: Widgets and Custom App Icons

iOS 14 Home Screen Setup

iOS 14 Home Screen Setup: Widgets and Custom App IconsiOS fourteen introduced widgets for the very first time on associate iPhone, and folks have begun to run wild with different Home Screen configurations, and even worked out how to change application icons. currently, we have a tendency to even fanciful ourselves, what if we might theme iOS fourteen like.

Mack OS X cobalt blue, and then during this video, we’re planning to check all of the apps, tips, and tricks that you just ought to grasp to help customize your iPhone’s Home Screen. Before we have a tendency to start, take care to subscribe and hit the bell to induce notifications whenever we have a tendency to share a video.

After I show you ways to induce your Home Screens equipped up with custom widgets and icons, I’d like to see your setups. Be sure to share a number of those screenshots with ME over on Twitter so that we will check them out. currently, for those of you unacquainted with the way to add widgets, all you would like to try and do is just long proceed your Home Screen to enter into jiggle mode, then faucet the and icon within the high left corner.

From here, you will see an inventory of your first- and third-party widgets that you’ll increase your Home Screen. simply plow ahead and choose that one you want, the size, and so faucet increase Home Screen.It’s pretty straightforward. Now, since the official unleashes of iOS 14last week, we have seen a lot of recent apps hit the AppStore permitting users to customize completely different widgets for their home Screens.

I am not planning to be able to run through all of them, however, we have a tendency to have links within the description to articles that feature loads of various apps. but I do need to touch on a number of the higher ones that you just will transfer without delay.First up is an associate app known as Widgetsmith, that permits you to form customized small, medium, or giant widgets with time, date, photos, coming events, reminders, etc.

There square measure millions of customization options to select from and it’s just about free, however, the app does provide weather and tide widgets as a part of its premium subscription package that prices $1.99 per month or $19.99 p.a.. currently we’ll have some weather various widgets, thus hopefully the subscription will not be necessary for you, because the remainder of the app is basically smart and it is also free.

There are a lot of examples on-line of individuals World Health Organization has used this app and has extremely gone to figure making some distinctive customization choices with their widgets. there is been a lot of various examples all over the net and here I am sharing a number of those that I think is extremely cool, however, be happy to browse around and find some distinctive inspiration for your Home Screen setups.

Another widespread possibility is Color Widgets, which offers up free time, date, and battery widgets, dead one convenience, with some color added to every possibility. currently, most choices square measure free you recognize you can simply quite cycle through completely different colors, but you’ll run into a number of completely different designs that may value a one-time purchase of $3.99.

ios 14 home screen setup

Didgeridoo is another great widget possibility, although if you wish to form any true custom changes to every convenience, it’s planning to value a one-time purchase of $3.99, the app additionally provides you widgets for birthday reminders, calendars, these days read that displays multiple blocks of information, a news feed convenience, and far a lot of.

weather widgets, check out Weather Line or Hey Weather widgets. each square measure liberal to use the base widget with a handful of various customization choices accessible, but once you begin extremely attempting to tweak completely different settings, particularly inHey Weather widgets, things can value a bit little bit of money in order to form those further tweaks.

It simply depends on however crazy you wish to get with these widgets and your Home Screen generally. Speaking of Home Screens, users are able to get some pretty wild custom Home Screens through with the assistance of a number of the widgets that we have a tendency to just talked about, in addition as a workaround with changing app icons. we have a tendency to truly created our own theme for this video specifically galvanized by The Verge’s horrific-looking windows ninety-eight theme.

Currently, we have a tendency to set to travel back to the early days of mack OS and represent a homesick mack OS X Aquatheme for our iPhone. it isn’t quite fully functional, however, we have a tendency to needed to envision what may be doable. If you’d value more highly to recreate our theme, just move and follow this process. We took some shortcuts to position together this quick “what if” theme.

Our Mac OS X weather widget? Well, it’s actually just a photograph that we added so used Widgetsmith to portray it as a widget. Same with all of the opposite widgets that you simply simply simply simply just see on this theme.

We’ll anticipate a developer to quite intensify to breed reasonably those classic Mac OS X Dashboard widgets for iOS 14, so directly, these non-functional images are just visiting must do. I also created my very own custom pastel theme by simply attempting to hunt out icons on this website

Honestly, this may be often often often probably the route to travel if you’re visiting need to start out really heavily customizing icons. it had been just lots easier on behalf of me to undertake to and it is not nearly as time-consuming as creating your own custom icons. All of those icons were free on behalf of me to download, but you’ll form an account so I just grabbed a wallpaper from an app called Backdrops.

Again, all of this might be linked within the outline down below and you’ll do all of this from your phone, but I personally just hunt for all of the icons on my Mac then AirDropped everything to my iPhone.

That felt reasonably slightly of a stronger process but just personal preference. So that’s it! There’s definitely some workarounds that don’t seem to be ideal, but able to} get some pretty amazing results and ensure to send me your amazing results of what you were able to do along with your Home Screen over on Twitter and let me know within the comment section down below if you discovered any new third-party icons or widgets that you just simply just want us to test out.

This has been Dan with MacRumors. Thanks, such plenty for watching which I hope to work out you around within the subsequent video. wherever you’ll get all the assets that we have a tendency to talked about to form this theme, however once more simply keep in mind it isn’t super purposeful. Also, the one issue that you just extremely just need to understand on the way to get most of those custom themes done is changing your app icons.

To do this, you will need the shortcuts app, and once you’ve got the app put in, just plow ahead and open it up, faucet the and icon to form a brand new shortcut, and seek for the Open App action. plow ahead choose|and choose} that action and soap value more highly to select that apps you wish to open and then faucet the omission.

And from here, plow ahead and faucet on Add to the home screen. this is often wherever we will amendment the name of what’s displayed on our Home Screen in addition because of the app icon. currently, if you want an extremely clean look, you’ll simply plow ahead and not enter in a very name.

Leave it blank or sort the name of the app for simply a lot of traditional experience. Next, faucet the app icon and choose your new icon from your Photos library, then plow ahead and faucet Done and that is it. The major drawback to any or all of this dynamical your app icon and whatnot is that after you plow ahead and faucet on the app on your Home Screen, it truly.

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