KIESLECT K10 Smartwatch Best Budget Smartwatch 2022

K10 Smartwatch declares to be more cost-reasonable than one Xiaomi ecosystem found Amazfit.

KIESLECT K10 in the Box

KIESLECT K10 in passed to buyers in a very appealing and unique box, that possesses a transparent glass case on the front side of the box that makes us see the design of the watch from the outside of the box. It gives a quick way to know that you got your actual product what you ordered. Furthermore, it looks eye-catching in this way.

This will not be wrong if a buyer says that it’s really a new creation compared with the typical Xiaomi items packages.

KIESLECT K10 comes out to be the best watch in comfort and weight. This precious watch is not made up of any ordinary material that either damages or creates issues for you. K10 owns a zinc alloy case, and the back of the watch comprises non-confrontational polycarbonate.

Concerning its weight, the user will not ever feel it wearing as it weighs just 57 grams. It is less enough not to make you feel anything, yet looks so appealing.

As this comes out to be the best watch, it also possesses accessories that come with the watch.

  • Retail box with a showcase
  • Watch with strap
  • Many colors of strap
  • User manual

What makes more fall in love with this watch is that K10 comes with different colors of strap that gives a beautiful, and fascinating look. Besides, there will be a user manual with complete information concerning watch, and technical problems.



Nothing can more surprising that KIESLECT K10 competes with brands concerning its design, and it comes out to be a more appealing, stylish, and cool design that makes everyone love this product for sure. K10 gives a premium look that an ordinary, or even any other brand watch could hardly do.

The display of this watch is designed by a very special, world’ Top ID team. This watch is exactly designed as the manufacturer demonstrated, and its big screen that is about 1.32 inch: Bigger, Faster, and Clearer!

KIESLECT K10 design is so fascinating that it could draw the attention of anyone on the spot. Even, only its design surpasses its price tag.


Point to be noted that what makes it beyond all? Well, KIESLECT K10 is neither designed using any ordinary design nor did any ordinary team.

One Watch – Everywhere

KIESLECT K10 is one watch for all the events. You are a businessman; you are good to go wearing it. You are a teacher, you got a good watch to wear on the go. Even if you need a unique watch that elevates your personality, you have the K10 for this purpose.

KIESLECT K10 Test on Hand

What matters the most to a user is the display and how things look. Well, K10 is the best to be chosen concerning fluency and resolution.

It is equipped with 360*360 pixels, semi-AMOLED technology, this makes all these icons HD resolution, and scroll speed quickly with no pause (Bigger, Faster, and Clearer!). The backlight is bright enough even under the sunshine, there are five levels to adjust.

KIESLECT K10 Health Functions

KIESLECT K10, being a more-reasonable watch than Xiaomi, does not let its users go without monitoring their health. This multifunctional K10 watch is capable of monitoring your heart rate 24-hour. KIESLECT K10 monitors your blood oxygen (SpO2) for an uninterrupted period of 24 hours and never stops. K10 perfectly monitors your sleep.

KIESLECT K10 is multifunctional, providing you with every single thing you need. There are 13 sports modes, naming running, cycling, gymnastics, yoga, rowing, and much more. K10 does not create any kind of inconvenience while tracking these all features. You can use either a watch or an app.


Product Comparison

Concerning the price, let’s compare K10 with other known smartwatches. Because the price at which KIESLECT K10 is sold seems to be very reasonable as compared to other smartwatches such as Amazfit GTR Lite, Mi Watch Lite, and Huawei GT2.

This comparison will clearly show why you should go ahead with KIESLECT K10, rather than any other much more expensive watch. K10 does not cost much.

This clears everything that this watch is competing with most known watches, still comes out to be affordable. Yes, this is KIESLECT K10.

KIESLECT K10 Battery Life

Battery life – something matters the most when you are on the go and need tracking or any other feature. Well, K10 fulfills this all. KIESLECT K10 smartwatch has a capacity of 330mAh, a Polymer Li-ion battery.

KIESLECT K10 claims that this watch could go around 30 days of standby timing, fascinating enough this watch is competing with Huawei GT2 and leaving behind Amazfit GTR Lite and Mi Watch Lite. Still, comes out at a more affordable price.

On the other hand, for a single full charge, this is completely dependent on the user and how much he uses its feature. Also, it depends on how many tasks are going on. This is something that can be measured by the user, depending on his usage.

You require a 5V 1A charging adapter to charge your watch. Using the high voltage charger will result in a decrease in battery health, which further will damage it faster. So, a high voltage charger is strictly prohibited.

KIESLECT K10 Waterproof IP68

KIESLECT K10 is waterproof if you are in splashes, diving into the water, or during rainy times.

Going to take shower while wearing a watch is not recommended.

KIESLECT K10 Warranty Info

KIESLECT gives you the warranty of manufacturing for 1 year, and that is for 6 months concerning battery/charging cable.

You will receive a manual guide on which your Warranty Certification will be given. www.kieslect.com

KIESLECT K10 Connect to App

This watch utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 which lets you connect to smartphones. And, the connection keeps itself stabilized.

You can use Glory Fit mobile app, available on Google Play, and App Store, using the QR code available on the package and the user manual.

It supports Android 5.1 and iOS 9.0 or higher operating systems.

It leads to

  • Notifications & Reminders
  • User Settings
  • Customizable Watch Faces


You can see 34 animated watch faces in the K10 app that are appealing. Or, you can create your own.




If you need a premium smartwatch., that comes with an affordable price which is around US$50, then no watch can be better than KIESLECT K10. Its design, good user experience in fluency, and HD Resolution. Also, whether you are a businessman, sportsman or a teacher, you can choose it.

Heart rate monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, sleep monitoring, messages, reminders, 13 sports modes, IP68 waterproof, step counter, and much more. There is a standby of 30 days. Large and bright display, the appearance of zinc alloy is recommended to choose rather than any other watch at the same price range.


You can get stock from the manufacturer, by visiting www.KIESELCT.com

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