Engage in the enriching experience of the Nike Football Skills Camps held at North Kansas City High School, situated in the heart of Missouri. Camp Director, Nick Johnson, cordially welcomes aspiring athletes of every proficiency level to immerse themselves in the fervor of this upcoming summer, fostering an environment where they can elevate their football skills. For More Information Click Here Iganony.

Our team of seasoned coaches is dedicated to aiding each athlete in mastering the basics, while also guiding them in refining their techniques. Following thorough warm-ups and stretching routines, engaging offensive and defensive positional drills will be conducted, complemented by enjoyable football competitions.

This camp presents a remarkable opportunity for aspiring athletes, as they can not only elevate their game but also revel in the enjoyment of the sport, forge new connections, and boost their self-assurance.

Key highlights of the camp encompass:

  • Every camper will be provided with a Nike Sports Camp T-Shirt, wristband, sticker, and potentially additional prizes!
  • Engaging in non-contact drills and competitions, including skills tests, one-on-one challenges, and 7-on-7 matchups.
  • Daily training sessions aimed at enhancing speed, strength, and agility.
  • Offensive skills focus on refining position-specific abilities, hand-eye coordination, ball handling, and positioning, passing drills, catching techniques, proper grip and throwing mechanics, as well as running routes.
  • Defensive skills encompass honing position-specific proficiencies, comprehensive explanations of defensive strategies (zone and man-to-man), and refining footwork.
  • Emphasis on teamwork, along with a comprehensive understanding of concussion safety and nutrition.
  • In-depth analysis of offensive and defensive concepts through film breakdown.
  • Daily workshops fostering character development, delving into strategies for triumph both on the field and in life.

Camp Details:

The instruction offered at the camp encompasses both fundamental and advanced skills, with a specific focus on footwork, refining positional techniques, teamwork dynamics, and strategic gameplay scenarios. Visit For More Information

Offensive Skills: Participants will engage in targeted training for specific positions, honing hand-eye coordination, mastering ball handling and positioning, perfecting passing drills, refining catching techniques, developing proper grip and throwing mechanics, and mastering running routes.

Defensive Skills: Campers will receive specialized instruction in position-specific skills, comprehensive explanations of defensive strategies including zone and man-to-man defenses, and a dedicated focus on enhancing footwork prowess.

Camp Information:

This program has concluded for the current season. We invite you to join our priority list to receive notifications when registration becomes available.

Age Group: 7-16

Camp Type: Day Camp

Schedule: Monday to Friday | 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Check-In: Check-in begins 30 minutes before the camp start time.

Meals: Lunch will not be provided. Please ensure to bring a snack or lunch each day.

What’s Included in the Fee?

Daily intensive football instruction.

Supervision: Our dedicated staff ensures continuous supervision during camp hours.

Each camper will receive a Nike Sports Camp T-Shirt, wristband, sticker, and potentially other prizes!

Instruction & Facility:

Offensive Skills: This involves targeted skill development for specific positions, mastery of hand-eye coordination, proficient ball handling and positioning, rigorous passing and catching drills, proper grip and throwing techniques, and adept running route strategies.

Defensive Skills: Campers will receive specialized guidance in position-specific techniques, comprehensive explanations of defensive tactics such as zone and man-to-man, and a concentrated emphasis on improving footwork.

Ratio: Our staff-to-camper ratio is 1:10.

Groupings: Initial groupings are based on age, with adjustments made based on individual skill levels.

Facility: The camp utilizes outdoor fields, with indoor facilities available in case of inclement weather conditions.

Prep for Camp: Complete Your Pre-Camp Checklist

To access your customer account, fulfill mandatory forms, settle any outstanding balance, and review crucial camp details, kindly visit the Pre-Camp Checklist.

All essential camp information is available on this page. Should any vital changes occur prior to the camp commencement, registered participants will receive email notifications, and updates will be posted on this webpage.

Checklist of Items to Bring:

Outlined below is a recommended inventory of attire, gear, and personal belongings. Please note that US Sports Camps cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items, including money.

This camp strictly adheres to a non-contact policy.

  • Compact gym bag or backpack
  • Athletic attire: T-shirt, shorts
  • Warm-up jacket
  • Cleats (non-metallic) and sneakers
  • Gloves
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Packed lunch and snacks
  • Medical Procedures:
  • For most camps, an athletic trainer will be available on-site to provide assistance in case of illness or injury. In emergency situations, campers will be promptly transported to the nearest hospital.

Travel Information:

Nike Football Camps do not arrange transportation from airports, train stations, or bus depots. Parents or guardians of campers flying to the camp are advised to make arrangements for shuttle or taxi services.

Team/Group Discount:

If you are enrolling a group of campers for the same camp, each participant is eligible for a discounted rate. To avail of this offer, kindly arrange for a representative to reach out to the US Sports Camps office at Contact. Provide the names of all campers within the group, and we will generate a unique discount code for your collective.

Subsequently, individual campers can proceed to register on the website at their convenience and apply the designated offer code during the checkout process. The precise discount amount may vary depending on the specific program. For detailed information, please contact us directly via phone.

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