Only for Lady – KIESLECT L11 Lady Smart Watch

KIESLECT L11 is designed for ladies. This watch looks so beautiful concerning elegancy and simplicity.

Appearance and Design

KIESLECT L11 smartwatch is specially designed for modern ladies, and also a sweet gift for teenage girls. This watch comes with the latest technology and the design ladies, as well as teenage girls, need. This watch is very unique for the ladies. KIESLECT L11 is specially designed with stylishness and easiness.

People now demand smartwatches as they fulfill their daily life requirements. They track their health, work, notifications, and much more on the go.

And for modern women, the smartwatch, as KIESLECT L11, is the best one for good-looking.

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Perfect Design and Set

KIESLECT L11 lady watch is just what a lady needs to be looking attractive. This watch is so beautiful. It is an awesome, elegant, and cute watch that meets the requirements of the modern watch.

The body of this watch is made of Aluminum Alloy, and the pink color is pained, and surprisingly it weighs only 21.9 grams.

There is a user manual for the users in the watch box. You will also receive a charging cable having a magnetic connector.

Lady Elements

Elegant Curved Screen

KIESLECT L11 comes with a 2.5D curved screen. KIESLECT L11 has a display of 1.09″, which is covered with a glass lens.

KIESLECT L11 has a very beautiful curve from the side that makes it good-looking for modern ladies. No doubt, this watch is designed in accordance with the human-centric philosophy regarding modern fashion.

KIESLECT L11 passes the salt spray test, ensuring that the screen is clean all the time.


Crown Side Button

The side button of the KIESLECT L11 is very interesting and appealing. KIESLECT L11 has a crown that fascinates the viewers and really elevates your personality. This is the reason that is the watch only for ladies.

Rose Pink Color

Well, the main color of the watch is kept pink as it is considered to be the favorite color of the ladies.

Even if they do not like this color, no problem. KIESLECT L11 gives more regarding this. You can change it with any other alternating bracelet.

The buckle of the strap looks classic. It is painted black, showing the logo.

Heart Rate and SpO2 Blood Oxygen

KIESLECT L11 is capable of monitoring your health easily. It monitors your heart rate, blood oxygen and much more.

This all is very useful in sports, running, fitness or any other related activities. It also works perfectly during the rest.

KIESLECT L11 Lady smartwatch successfully monitors the data concerning the change of indicators. It stores the data.

It helps them use this data to serve as alarms to track low hemoglobin. We can say that KIESLECT L11 completely takes care of your health, reminding you of everything you need.

9 Fitness Sport Mode

This watch fulfills all the needs regarding fitness tracking as other smartwatches do. KIESLECT L11 comes with 9 sport modes that make it preferable among ladies.

  1. Running
  2. Walking
  3. Cycling
  4. Climbing
  5. Spinning Bike
  6. Yoga
  7. Set-ups
  8. Badminton
  9. skipping rope

Ladies can find everything they need concerning their fitness. This comes with all the features ladies do need.

Lady Period Reminder and Water Drink Reminder


KIESLECT L11 tracks about menstruation and water drinking. It lets ladies know about the start and end date concerning their periods. You can find this, sliding right. You can simply adjust your period setting.

It also reminds them to drink the water they need in a day, keeping them hydrated. There is a QR code on the back of the package, scanning that you can download the app.

Furthermore, KIESLECT L11 has reminders regarding the incoming and reject calls, notifications, alarm clock, low battery reminders, and much more that you need to go on.

It fulfills all the basic requirements of ladies.


IP68 Waterproof

You are outside, and it starts raining. Do not worry, KIESLECT L11 is completely waterproof that keeps you get focused on your tasks without any problem even if it is wet.

Not only that, KIESLECT L11 can be kept in water for 30 minutes with a maximum depth of 1.5 meters.

This is what makes it preferable as it will not be damaged if it comes into contact with water.


KIESLECT L11 comes in 15 languages, providing you ease in comprehending things.

These languages are

  1. Russian,
  2. Indonesian
  3. German
  4. Italian
  5. Czech
  6. Japanese
  7. French
  8. Polish
  9. Simplified Chinese
  10. Traditional Chinese
  11. English
  12. Portuguese
  13. Spanish
  14. Arabic
  15. Korean

These are the built-in languages. And, if your language is not on the list, it will use English by default.

Message Notifications

KIESLECT L11 gives you notifications about everything you need. They keep you informed about things.

This watch notifies you of incoming calls, alerts, weather, apps, and events, also messages from WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail, and all other apps you need.

Ladies will not face any issues regarding their important notifications, messages, and all other things.

Connect to SmartPhones

This watch gets easily connected to devices, running Android 5.1 and iOS 9.0 or higher operating systems. KIESLECT L11 connects to smartphones using Bluetooth 5.0. The stability of the connection is perfect.

There is an app, Glory Fit, that you can download using the QR Code on the back of the package.


KIESLECT L11 comes with the latest technology that keeps you updated about your reminders, calls, messages, schedules, and much more. This watch is perfect for ladies as it is beautiful and enhances their personality.

Importantly, this watch tracks periods of ladies that create ease for them. It reminds them of drinking. KIESLECT L11 keeps them updated about their fitness with the overall needed 9 modes.

It comes in different languages which are easy for them to understand in accordance with their mother tongue.

Where to Buy

You can get stock from the manufacturer www.KIESLECT.com

Click Here

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