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When it comes to purchasing diesel truck parts, ProSource Diesel is the place to go. From Spoologic Turbo Systems to TrackTech Head Studs & Fasteners, to Zibbix sensors, ProSource Diesel has it all. Their inventory includes heavy-duty parts for Cummins, Caterpillar, and Volvo engines, and they ship for free.

Spoologic Turbo Systems

Spoologic Turbo Systems has introduced six new Stage Two performance turbos for 5.9L Cummins trucks, capable of up to 650 RWHP. These turbos feature custom-designed oversized compressor wheels, upgraded turbine shafts, and wastegate actuators.

Each turbo is backed by a one-year warranty. Spoologic also offers a 48-Hour Warranty Repair Guarantee, guaranteeing that if a turbo fails to perform at its optimum levels, Spoologic will repair the turbo at no charge.

Designed specifically for the ProSource Diesel lineup of trucks, Spoologic Turbo Systems deliver the horsepower and torque your truck needs to perform at peak performance. They are built to exact specs and tested in a laboratory to ensure their performance is as advertised. This is unlike other brands that simply throw turbos on a truck and hope for the best.

Whether you’re in the market for diesel truck parts or just want to upgrade your truck’s engine, ProSource Diesel is a great place to find all of the parts you need. The site features top brands, including Spoologic Turbo Systems, TrackTech Head Studs & Fasteners, Zabbix sensors, and many other parts. And most of their products come with free shipping.


Cummins ProSource Diesel is an online auto parts store that specializes in diesel parts. They have a huge selection of parts for a variety of vehicles and even have shop partners that can help you choose the right parts for your vehicle. In addition to offering parts for Cummins engines, they also carry parts for Chevy Duramax and Ford Powerstroke engines. Here’s a quick look at some of their latest offerings.

The site is full of diesel parts for a wide range of heavy-duty trucks. They also carry hard-to-find parts, like Spoologic Turbo Systems and TrackTech Head Studs & Fasteners. They offer free shipping on many items and offer discounts for first-time buyers. These discounts are valid for orders over $100 and are good for 30 days.


Caterpillar has been making diesel engines for tractors and other machinery since the 1930s. The first diesel tractor was dubbed “Old Betsy”. The company began research on diesel technology at that time. The company was inspired by the Great Depression to invest in this new technology, which produced massive low-end torque. Diesel engines also consumed less fuel than their gasoline counterparts.

The company recently announced a 50:50 joint venture with Ariel Corporation to provide well-service pressure pumping products to the global oil and gas industry.

The company also recently acquired the Houston-based reciprocating pressure pump manufacturer ProSource. The companies will now sell ProSource pumps under the Cat brand and distribute them through the Cat dealer network.

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