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Rajmachi Trek – My Guide.

Rajmachi Trek

Rajmachi Trek is settled amidst two well known hill stations – Lonavala and Karjat. The journey can be drawn nearer either by means of the Lonavala side or another being the Karjat side and offers adventurers to climb two posts beginning from a similar base town of Udhewadi.

Manaranjan post is at 2510 feet and west-bound fortification while the Shriwardhan fortress at 2710 feet appearances toward the east.

On the off chance that you are journeying by means of Lonavala, the path is any longer however simpler to trip and arrive at the two posts. You will travel across mud trails along the woodland segment almost the entire way until you arrive at Udhewadi.

The Kandala course begins from the caverns and cascades of Khondane. This has a more extreme move through a backwoods segment and joining Udhewadi town.

These posts were worked by the Satavahanas yet picked up its notoriety under the standard of Shivaji Maharaj, who assumed control over the fortress in the fifteenth century.

Shivaji Maharaj invigorated and extended the stronghold by adding a few structures inside the premises. The fortifications have seen fights between the Marathas and the Mughals. Later in the nineteenth century, it was taken over by the British.

The fortification was likewise a well known shipping lane associating present-day Mumbai and Pune.

Trail information

The base of the trek begins from Udhewadi, a town in the Pune area of Maharashtra.

To arrive at Udhewadi, you can travel by means of two courses. Both the courses have their own particular features which are canvassed in the definite depiction.

Rajmachi Trek

Trip from Lonavala to Udhewadi

Trail from Karjat to Udhewadi

From Udhewadi, the trip can be separated into three segments:

Udhewadi Village to Bhairavnath Temple

Move to Manranjan Fort and back to the Bhairavnath temple

Move to the Shriwardhan and back to the base

Trail : 1

Tungarali Dam to Udhewadi

Distance- 24.2kms (both ways)

Duration- 11-12 hours

You need to begin moving towards the North West from the dam. The path takes you through the solid street which transforms into a blend of mud and rock inclined path once the Dam closes.

Continue strolling on the path. You will initially cross Nandgaon Village and you need to continue moving till you arrive at Captain’s Resort. Take a left on the path which goes to Valvand and later towards Udhewadi which is your headquarters/town of Rajmachi

Try not to take the path to one side, this prompts another trip of Dhak Bahiri.

When you cross the following town of Fanasrai, you will go into the Shirota woods. The timberlands of Shirota are known for a wide assortment of fauna and vegetation. It is a rush to simply travel inside this woodland segment.

You will likewise be joined by numerous types of fowls, bugs, and reptiles. There have likewise been examples of panther sightings on this path. So be cautious and focus while traveling in this woodland area.

The path is rich with vegetation. You will spot heaps of tamarind trees, mango forests around the outskirts of the woodland. The path is straight forward till you arrive at the Valvand Village Road Fork.

You will see a billboard here and run over two path. Take the left path for Udhewadi. The path on the correct will take us to another trip which is Shirota Lake at Valvand Village.

From the Valvand Fork, proceed with your trip on the left. The path experiences a touch of all over all through. You will see streams streaming on the off chance that you are journeying soon after the storm season.

In the event that you are journeying during the storm season and if downpours are hefty, the stream can be flooding. So don’t go traveling solo in the storm season. It is simpler to cross the stream as a group contrasted with a person.

When the stream is at your back, you come to see a little scaffold and the path begins to scale slowly. You will presently enter the level from where the main look at Shrivardhan stronghold lingers before you.

Keep Shrivardhan post to your right side, follow the path till you see the Udhewadi Village. You will see the billboard with the woodland extra charges referenced. You have now arrived at the base of your trip, Udhewadi.

Trail 2

Kondiwale Village to Udhewadi

Distance- 10kms (both ways)

Duration- 5-6 hours

 For the path from the Karjat side, you need to arrive at Kondiwade town to begin your journey.

When you arrive at the Karjat Railway Station, go towards the west side of Karjat. When you arrive at Kondiwade Village, continue strolling till the edges of the Kondiwade town.

You will discover Gupta’s Emu Park on the left with the billboard. Cross the recreation center and there is a path on the left which climbs bit by bit.

Follow the path on the left. In the event that you don’t know, you can chat with neighborhood townspeople and get the course.

When you start on the path, you will discover a stream running on to your correct side. The course comes the stream which streams from Kondhane Waterfall. This is one of the feeders for Ulhas River in the rainstorm.

You will discover loads of Maple trees and numerous tamarind trees through the backwoods.

Continue strolling on the path. There are markings with white bolts on a couple of explicit focuses. In the wake of climbing for 2 hours you will run over the Kondhane Caves.

Invest some energy here investigating the old Buddhist Caves. It is comprised of 16 gives in and was unearthed during the main century BC.

In the rainstorm season, you will see the water moving from over the highest point of the caverns. The streams from here feed the Ulhas River in the rainstorm.

In the wake of investing some energy at the caverns, it’s an ideal opportunity to move towards the Rajmachi trek. You will see a little path on the privilege of caverns that you need to take.

Stroll on the path till you discover a billboard saying Rajmachi with the bolt mark. Continue strolling on the checked path and don’t change the path as you would see the white bolt stamps all through the course.

 When you arrive at the highest point of the slope, you can see the Ulhas River with the perspective on the mountains in the front. The course diverts continuous from here onwards and it will take 35 to 45 minutes to arrive at your base town of Udhewadi.

Section 1

Udhewadi to Bhairavnath Temple

From Udhewadi, you need to now travel towards the path which leaves the town. On the off chance that you were journeying from the Lonavala course, you would have seen this timberland cottage woods.

Journey toward the Lonavala course until you detect a path steadily climbing upwards on the left.

The path is pretty straight forward with a passageway board set also. You will see the guide of the fortresses and data on Rajmachi on this data board.

Presently your path drives you to a solid street. This will take you to the Bhairavnath Temple where the two posts will be open.

Section 2

Udhewadi to Manaranjan Fort

The trip to Manaranjan begins from behind the temple. It is a clear mud trail right to the highest point of the fortification

Section 3

Udhewadi to Sriwardhan Fort

Traveling to the Shriwardhan is much less complex. You have the solid advances driving most piece of the trip. The last segment has a blend of mud and rock-cut advances.

You can see the Madan point in the front, trailed by scopes of Dhak Bahiri (on the left of Madan point), Bhivpuri mountains known for some cascades. The perspective on the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary is likewise something to observer from the top.

In this post, you can investigate a water repository and another sanctuary close to the store. You can investigate around for about 30 minutes. There is likewise a little course that goes to a clearing which can be utilized as an outdoors space

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