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Seattle’s Homeowners Are Adding These Smart Home Features in 2022

Our homes are our castles and as time progresses, we’re going to want to make improvements to them. Technology plays a huge role in how we’re updating our homes and it makes sense that some features are more popular than others. 

When you’re trying to figure out how to sell your property in today’s real estate market, experts say these smart home features are among the top of the list of what buyers want. So, if you’re selling your Seattle home any time soon and want to maximize its potential value, these smart home features are sure to bring in the big bucks. 

1. Smart lighting and outlets

Did you forget to turn off the coffee maker this morning? Are your children coming home to a dark house after school? Homeowners in Seattle are answering these questions a lot easier now, thanks to smart lighting and outlets that they can control via smart devices.

2. Video doorbells

We’ve seen the countless videos from homeowners’ video doorbells and they bring us hours of entertainment. However, these devices aren’t just a potential way to go viral – they can protect your home against intruders, even when you’re not there. It’s also great for homeowners who receive a lot of packages or if you have regular solicitors knocking at your door. 

3. Smart lock entry doors

By placing a smart lock on all entry doors, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you don’t have to worry about someone finding a set of keys and ransacking your house. You can control the lock from your smart device. If you forget your keys inside, you aren’t at the mercy of your local locksmith, and if you travel but don’t feel comfortable leaving a spare key outside for the housesitter, this is a perfect solution. 

4. Electric vehicle charging stations

As the push to reduce carbon emissions, more and more Seattle homeowners are buying electric vehicles and, subsequently, are installing charging stations on their property.

These charging stations are expected to become a regular fixture on new construction homes throughout the city and for EV owners, that is a highly sought-after feature because they no longer have to worry about charging their vehicles at a remote charging station. 

5. Integrated connectivity

What’s the point of having a bevy of smart devices in your home if they aren’t connected to one another? Homeowners are making the leap to installing systems that connect all of their techs seamlessly for optimal connectivity.

The best part is that with a fully integrated system, you can connect with all sorts of smart devices and assistants like Google or Amazon. 

Technology can improve our daily lives and it can give us the peace of mind in knowing our largest investment is protected and safe from the bad guy.

As technology continues to evolve and we find new and innovative ways to utilize that tech, there will always be some apprehension. But, with time, these smart home features will be commonplace in all homes – not just luxury homes!

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