Simple Steps To Negotiating Your Cable TV Bills!

Those of us who are living paycheck to paycheck or maintaining a tight budget are easily freaked out by cable bills. Cable moves lower on the list of priorities when faced with necessities such as utility bills, groceries, school fees, and medical costs.

However, cable TV is a very important part of maintaining some form of entertainment in the house: sports, serials, movies, and much more! This is why; top providers understand the hassle and work to ensure they give benefits to all their customers whether in the form of discounts or providing a different set of packages for different customers.

You can check out the plans with providers offering bundles or packages that account for more services in less with for example lesser content and speeds but the brand matters. If the brand is reputable, the service quality will not be amiss.

This is why you ensure the name you associate with and go for when deciding the brand you pick. It is also better to have bundles, double-play, or triple-play deals as they help save and manage. You can look at one of the best plans in the market with Xfinity Triple Play –all your services under one bill and saving you some dollars from buying individual services.

We do realize that spending unnecessarily on a very inflated cable TV as well as internet access packages will have major impacts on the budget of any person, which is why we have listed a few tricks to reduce the cable TV bill!

Keeping Expectations Clear and Realistic

Before going in it is crucial to set your expectations. It is impossible to reduce the cable TV bill by half without giving up access to some channels! The cable TV service providers are also looking to make a profit and will not see kindly to demands to reduce monthly bills from $120 to $60! The best way is to conduct research before approaching your provider and presenting any competing offers from other providers.

This way, in case your current provider does not agree, you always have the option of going to the provider best suited to your need. This also shows you come from where you have thought about billing and are not just riled up at the prices without thinking about the services –thus making you look more agreeable and the provider may understand your situation better.

Do Your Homework

The key to a successful call is to ensure that you are calling off-peak hours for the provider. When the agents are less busy and do not have a few other calls waiting in line, they are more likely to listen to the pitch, offer something in return, and wait for a callback.

There are many ways one can ask for discounts: being a long-time customer, being a good paying customer, threatening to move to another seller and she freaked that I got her exactly what she wanted. The key is to ensure that you are keeping an open mind to offers being made while also following the calling. And now the book is about both of out!

Being Polite and Friendly

Customer representatives are also people who are there specifically to help you: it is never a good idea to speak aggressively with them! A lot of people tend to become rude, and loud and use foul language when speaking with customer care representatives however this always backfires!

The most effective strategy is to speak as a friend, be polite, and request help from them in lowering the cable bill! A nice attitude will work more in your favor than a rude attitude!

Promotional Incentives

Many providers run promotions on a monthly or yearly basis which can allow you to significantly lower the prices of cable TV! These offers include a percentage discount, longer sign-up discounts, free upgrades, free subscriptions to streaming sites, and even parcels of internet, landline, and cable TV together. This is a very sure-shot way of lowering cable TV bills.

The people who can help you are the helpline staff who will ascertain which benefit or promotion they can assign to your account! It could be that you had signed up for packages not being utilized to the full extent.


By carrying out a bit of research, being polite, and using all of your negotiation skills, one can lower their cable TV bills significantly. Following the above-mentioned tips, help to lower and maintain your cable TV bills. Thus, allowing you to live frugally as well as ensuring that you are not running out of cash throughout the month.

it is advisable to make a call to your provider and explain the predicament while stating facts such as the competition, the market availability as well as COVID-19, or economical salary crunches!

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