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SOCIAL MEDIA 2020: DOUYIN OR KUAISHOU Welcome to dumplings with Detmar today I’m gonna discuss with you the hottest social media apps in China 2020 here we go so I created this new Syria dumpling with Detmar where I wanted to tell you more about business social media eCommerce and make you understand this market way better than anyone else because this is one of the most difficult markets.

In the world but also it’s the most lucrative so if you want to learn more about China business social media and e-commerce then keep watch the first one is doing in the Chinese version of tick-tock to Ian is a pretty new social media started in 2016 and what it started with is lip sync videos 1there were three to 15 seconds.


Where you can do lip sync to like music and then it started to evolve now you can do up to the 60-second type of video that where people do short vlogs and they show around more like the Y or and stuff like that you can also do live streaming on Dorian that is super hot inChina now we use it way different here than we do anywhere else in the world but first of all we have to separate.

Toya in from tick tock tick tock is the western social media and Dorian is the social media that’s here in China its the same company that runs it but you cannot see the content through each platform so they’re separated in that way because the servers are separated so it’s today we’re only gonna talk about the one in so first of all how many people are using the ye in 2020.

And today they have 520 million monthlyactive users which is huge because it’s only in one country there’s slightlymore girls than guys on this platform it more than half of the users on dorian isbetween 20 and 29 years old and you people might think this is a quite younguser base but actually it’s quite older than many others do is user group isfrom the tier one cities such as.

Shanghai Beijing Chengduand Chongqing so what type of content is on this platform so on Dewey and there’sa lot of dance videos a lot of people are dancing to music that they choosedirectly from their app since it’s only 15 seconds they can use the rights ofany type of music around the world so you can actually create really reallyfunny and cool videos with the music that’s built into the app.

what you alsocan do is live streaming and live streaming is a huge thing here in Chinalive streaming it’s not only like we are doing back in the west where we’reshowing something directly when we’re experiences on durian you’re actuallyselling stuff you have this type of like old TV shops but were they’re actuallytrying different type of products and you can show how it actually actuallyworks.

when you are using that products when comes to e-commerce durian isactually trying this out there quite early in that stage right now but theyhave integrated Taobao JT dot-com quoi what they do is they don’t actually selldirectly in the app you actually get a link where you can click into thementioned ecommerce stores where you can actually buy the product and this isgrowing by the minute where more and more people.

Promote different type ofproducts where they show the product they they experience the product in thelive show and you can buy it directly from the link that they have in thedescription which is freakin amazing so the second one that we have is quiteshow and quite show is pretty similar to do it in they have basically the samefeature the UX designed and the same integration with e-commercewhat’s.

The difference between Dorgan and quite show is that way show is morerelationship based rather than algorithmic based that door inrelationship based means that when you are following people when you’rewatching people’s content people that they know or things that they createshows up in your feed rather than things that are similar to that person so withDoreen.

You would find content that are similar to thatpersons even though you don’t know the other person but we’re quite sure theywill mainly recommend content that someone that you know are related to doyou understand so how big is quite show so right now 2020 they have four hundredand forty plus monthly active users however they also have 300 million dailyactive users so.

The community on quite show is very very active and they also claim to have up to 200 million live streams each and every day on quite show demographics though are different with quite show and Doig in because qua shows more focusing on the tier 2 cities and the tier 4 cities so as we said Dorian is more tier 1 city type of app GUI show is more.

Aiming to tier 2 cities and below so these are people that don’t live in the biggest cities like. Shanghaiand Beijing they live in smaller cities and not as modern maybe as maybe theDorian users encuentro also focuses a lot on ecommerce they actually have anintegration with Taobao team ol JD calm and pinned or Doha so why should youbother thinking about maybe selling your product on qui so instead of doing inwell this is because on quite show you have three to five times higherconversion rate when it comes to e-commerce.

when it comes to selling your product then do again so they have a very engaged community that is way more willing to purchase your product than Dorian has and also since the user base is way smaller on quiz show then on Dorian people are not advertising as much on quiz show which makes it way cheaper to advertise or do marketing.

for your products so coy so it’s more relationship-based and khoya in is actually more algorithm based so on quite show on the discovery page is actually 40 to 50 percent of all the discovery new type of content are actually coming from people that you already are watching while on doing it’s80 to 90 and your content from new creators that you’re not yet following so that’s.

why it’s so different between quite show and Dian’s algorithm when it comes to living streaming quite show has a way more engaging community because it’s more relationship-based so the engagement rates for quite show compared to Doyle Yin when it comes to live streaming.

Norway way higher oh my god that was really a crash course in social media inChina 2020 if you want to learn more you can comment below or I’m right now building an online course where you can learn more about china eCommerce business and social media so I’ll link that below when it’s dynamic MagnusTepper and I’ll see you in the next video bye-bye.

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