Top Inbox Apps That Take Email Organization & Message Privacy to the Next Level

The popularity of email as a communication medium is not dimming anytime soon. Being one of the first forms of digital communication, the importance of this service in our daily life has only grown.

Even though a variety of email apps and related services dominate the market, these are meant to give users the best online experience. However, if your internet connection is always breaking down, then any email app will have trouble loading your inbox.

That is why always use a service such as Spectrum internet so that the inbox is updated without a glitch!

The Transformation of Workplace Communication

With the introduction of several messaging apps such as Slack or project management apps like Asana or Trello in office spaces, workplace communication has transformed a lot as well. While it may seem that email is archaic but that’s not the case. To use any such app, one needs to sign up with their email.

So digital users can either use their existing email or make a new one to sign up for any such services. What’s more, users still correspond and receive all updates via email. Thus email is not slowing down or going anywhere, anytime soon.

A Clutter-free Inbox is an Art too!

Even though email management is a priority for any digital consumer, keeping the inbox well organized daily is quite a heavy task. And it can stress one like nothing else. Since a messy inbox can waste professional time for it is usually impossible to maintain it, why not try to apply the ‘inbox zero’ method.

It’s a simple theory that’s aimed to bring Zen to your inbox for the idea is to keep the inbox empty at all times! While this is not always possible but it can be made an achievable goal for you to follow.

With So Many Email Apps Present in the Market, Which One Should a User Choose?

Check out our top picks for the best email apps, which are ideal, whether you use them on mobile or desktop but one thing is for sure that you need a good internet connection like Mediacom Internet to get the best out of these apps:

Gmail + Outlook

Let’s start with some of the basic favorites that have been going strong for a long time. Both Gmail and Outlook are two email clients, which are commonly found on a user’s phone.

While Gmail is usually pre-installed on most Android phones and even iOS devices, this email app is one service on which most people have made an account.

The same goes for Outlook, unless or until you are living under a rock. Outlook is also considered an excellent alternative for Apple Mail on iPhone.

Surprisingly both these decent email apps come with a simple user interface (UI) along with built-in features, which can be configured quite easily and even come with a dark mode, in case white is too much for you!

Both email apps can integrate with other apps and the best part is that, besides being simple to use, both are free of charge as well. What’s not to love about them?

Proton Mail

Another email app that allows users to create an email free of charge is Proton Mail. This one email client is pitch-perfect for folks, who worry about cyber security.

While this app comes with end-to-end encryption and plenty of other top security features so that all your worries about digital safety are squashed. The app also includes OpenPGP Support that’s followed by self-destructing emails (supported mostly) and many of the standard email organization features also found in other email apps.

The best part is that all user emails are stored on a server, which is fully encrypted. This means that no third person, including the folks at the back end of Proton Mail, can read them.

So when it comes to security, this is about as good as it gets unless you plan to set up a server of your own.

Spark Email

This email app is the new kid on the block as it was released sometime in 2019. And instantly received positive reviews, so to speak.

The email app comes with a clean and simple user interface (UI). Thus, users have the freedom to view each email, either separately or as part of a universal inbox.

While Spark Email is said to cover most of the basics, which involve snoozing emails, regular reminders, pinned emails, sending later options, and undoing sent email options along with many others, this isn’t the best part yet.

Its standout feature is the Smart Inbox feature that automatically filters trash mail and allows only the important ones to be kept behind, making this app a clear winner among the myriad of options available in the industry today.

While the app is quite neat, even without this feature, Spark Email is considered an excellent email app that supports the majority of email addresses.

Furthermore, this email client is free, so users can create an account and enjoy the app.

Apple Mail

Apple Mail is one of the top free email apps, designed specifically for Mac. Since the app is usually pre-installed on most phones, this is a good enough reason to try.

Apple has been updating the app in the past few years, so the upgraded app comes with a decent yet ultra-modern user interface (UI) and top-of-the-range built-in features. This app too comes with a smart mailbox that filters emails upon arrival.

Besides this, the email app also integrates well with Apple’s ecosystem. In addition to this, users have the option to send heavy files, using the feature of Mail Drop.

While on the other hand, the Handoff feature allows one to draft an email on their Mac and if incomplete, they can pick it up from the same place on their iPhone.

If you have used it, this is worth a shot!

Wrapping Up

So there you have some of the best email apps, which can be used both for personal and professional spaces. If you are looking for an email app that can be shared with the team, we suggest that you check out any one of the above-mentioned apps and give them a try for shared communication.

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