XEFO on RadioRed in Argentina

You have probably heard about the California radio station, RadioRed, and its famous personality Bob Bjorner. Bob is a radio personality on KRED in Berkeley, Calif. He comes to his on-air studio one day with a personal lock and a box of sushi for lunch.

However, before he could finish his meal, he collapsed and died. His co-host Marvia Plum immediately scrambles to KRED to investigate. The only problem is that Bob Bjorner’s body is visible through the window between the on-air studio and the radio station’s control room.

XEFO on RadioRed was originally known as XERED-AM. Its call letters were changed in 1941 to XEQR-AM. In 1994, it was bought by Grupo Radio Centro and renamed Radio Red. XEFO operated on a separate concession and has a long history in Puerto Rico.

XEFO on RadioRed was a radio station that aired Mexican music. It was owned and operated by Francisco Aguirre Jimenez and Miguel Aleman. The station’s programming featured a variety of artists. The music was a blend of jazz, classical, rock, and R&B. The station’s programming was also complemented by an excellent mix of Latin music.

XEFO on RadioRed was the first broadcast on 1110 kHz by Radio Central de Mexico, S.A., and later, by Radio Programas de Mexico. The broadcaster was Clemente Serni Martinez. The station was the first broadcast on September 2, 1974, and has been on the air ever since.

The station began broadcasting in Mexico City in 1994. It consists of XERED-AM and XHRED-FM. In addition to XEFO, Radio Red also includes XHRCA-FM 91.3 in Mexico City, XEFO-FM 90.7 in Guadalajara, XERED-AM, and XERED-FM 91.3 in Monterrey. This station has since gone on to become Informed, which is responsible for producing Monitor, and many other news programs.


When Grupo Radio Centro changed the call letters of the AM radio stations, they also made changes in the programming. Instead of broadcasting the same program on two different frequencies, they consolidated their content into a single format that has become known as XEFO-AM 790 on RadioRed.

Francisco Aguirre Jimenez took over the station shortly after the station’s call letters were changed. He also renamed the station Radio Red. In 1994, Radio Red was bought by Grupo Radio Centro, and XEQR was launched on a separate concession.

The XERED program featured a 20-minute newscast and multiple newscasts throughout the day. The station was first hosted by Sergio Sarmiento and Jacobo Zabludovsky, and later, by Juan Francisco Castaneda and Jesus Martin Mendoza. XERED also broadcast NFL games in the afternoon and late afternoon.

XEFO-AM 790 on the RadioRed channel in Mexico is a Spanish-language radio station. It is owned by Radio Central de Mexico, S.A. The station’s format is called “La Red de Radio Red”. The radio station features DJs such as Sergio Sarmiento, Yakobo Zabludovskiy, and Jezus Martin Mendoza.

XEFO-AM 790 on the RadioRed channel has a great variety of programming. It broadcasts news, talk shows, music, and sports. It also hosts a variety of live shows.

XEFO-AM 1110

XEFO-AM 1110 is one of the most popular radio stations in Argentina and is a great option for music lovers. It was established in 1946 as Dr. Sl’s Radio and has a diverse range of programs. It features traditional and contemporary music and focuses on regional issues. Its renowned DJs offer music from all over the world.

XEFO-AM 1110 was originally XEQR-AM. It was purchased by the radio company Grupo Radio Centro in the 1940s, and Francisco Aguirre Jimenez changed the call letters. After a short time, the station was rebranded and began broadcasting on the shortwave 6120 kHz.

In 2017, Grupo Radio Centro reorganized all of its radio AM stations, consolidating its program offerings. XEFO-AM 1110 will carry Formato 21, the national network for Radio Red. Most of its program offerings will move to its FM counterpart, XHFO-FM.

XEFO-AM 1110 on the RadioRed network has been a favorite among the community for many years. It is a great choice for music and news listeners. It is a great option for people in Mexico, where it is difficult to find quality radio stations. It broadcasts a variety of genres, from popular rock to jazz to alternative music. It is available for free online streaming.

XEFO-AM 1110 on the RadioRed network was launched in 1974. It was operated by Grupo Radio Centro, S.A., and was formerly known as Radio Centro Noticias. XEFO-AM 1110 on RadioRed is a renowned music station in Mexico, broadcasting popular Latin music.

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